Aug 14, 2018

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Different types of wood finishes for kitchen cabinets


Considering the refreshing and natural look that wood offers, there is no wonder why wood finishes on cabinet doors happen to be the most in demand by buyers. Wood offers a natural grain pattern, along with susceptibility to a number of stains. You can find a wide range of wood finishes on Ready-To-Go Kitchen Cabinets in Washington DC.

One big reason why wood cabinets are so common is that they happen to be very versatile and will fit into almost all sorts of surroundings. Moreover, wood cabinets look good in contrast with all sorts of colors. So no matter what the color of your kitchen wall is, you can be sure that a cabinet with a wood finish will fit in well.

Below, we have compiled a list of common finishes and techniques that might help you in choosing Ready-To-Go Kitchen Cabinets in Washington DC:

  1. Natural Finished Cabinets

It is evident from the name itself that naturally finished cabinets do not carry any sort of stains, toners, or paints applied to them. The biggest advantage of naturally finished cabinets is that they reflect the perfect texture of wood with grains and patterns fully visible. On the downside, however, these cabinets can look a little dull since people are more used to looking at dramatically finished cabinets. However, it depends on one’s taste since many people do not prefer to have dramatic effects on their kitchen cabinet doors and will rather go for something that offers a natural and simple look. Another advantage of naturally finished cabinet doors is that they promote minimalism.

  1. Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Painted kitchen cabinet finishes are yet again, a popular choice among buyers. Many Ready-To-Go Kitchen Cabinets in Washington DC carry a painted finish to them. Among all the painted cabinets, the off-white and white finishing is the most popular among buyers. For a painted finish, maple cabinets are used most widely. Apart from that, oak cabinets are also used. However, oak cabinets might show the grainy wood structure through the paint which is something that many people do not prefer.

  1. Custom cabinet finishes

Custom cabinet finishes can be done on demand, based on the user requirements. However, you will not be able to get these over the counter because they are always done on order. One disadvantage of custom finishes is that they tend to be more costly due to the extra labor that is involved. On a positive side, you get to have the effect of your choice on your chosen material. Hence, there is a lot of room for creativity here.

If you do not wish to get a custom finishing, consider checking out Ready-To-Go Kitchen Cabinets in Washington DC in order to find out a kitchen cabinet with the finishing of your choice.

  1. Glaze Finished Cabinets

Glazed finishing is yet another popular finishing type often preferred by buyers. This type of finishing does not hide stains and cracks very well but gives off a neat feel at all times.