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Finding the Perfect Bathroom Vanity


If you’re getting ready to renovate your bathroom, then you need to keep in mind that the bathroom vanity may very well end up being the main attraction of one of the smaller spaces of your home. For this reason, it’s important that you get it right, taking into consideration not only the overall look but also the functionality of the vanity.

Who will be using it and how?

The first thing to consider when choosing a vanity is who it will cater to. If more than one person is getting ready in the bathroom in the morning, then you may need a double sink. If not, a single-sink option can save you space. If the vanity will be used for doing hair and make-up, then you’ll probably need more counter space, storage, and lighting. Also, consider the height of the vanity. The standard height is 32 inches, though some designers disagree. Ultimately, it will depend on what’s right for those using it most often. You’ll find a wide choice at discount bathroom vanities near me.

Location of the Plumbing

Changing the location of plumbing can be both costly and time-consuming. It’s probably easier to work around the existing plumbing, so this may narrow down your options.

Placement and Size

No matter what your storage needs, you can’t cram a large vanity into a small bathroom. Be realistic and work with the space you have.

Keep in mind the functioning of other structures. How far does the door swing into the bathroom? Will you have a swinging shower door? Where is the toilet? Consider the traffic flow of the bathroom and ensure you don’t have to squeeze past different fixtures. Also, consider whether you’ll be able to access the sides of the vanity for cleaning and if you’ll be able to get past with any vanity door open.

Use a box as a rough indicator to see if what you’re planning makes sense.  You’ll find a range of sizes to choose from at  bathroom cabinets near me.


When choosing a bathroom vanity, decide on the amount and type of storage you’ll need. Take stock of what you currently have in your bathroom and plan accordingly. Think about what you’ll need to have within reach and what can simply be stored nearby.

Keep in mind that plumbing will take up space and drawers and cabinets work differently; drawers extend in front and doors swing out to the side. One may work better than the other depending on the layout of your bathroom.

Style of Sink

When choosing a sink for your vanity, consider that some sinks take up more counter space than others. Think about what it is you need more, a larger sink or more counter space, and plan accordingly.



While the look of your vanity is important, you also need to consider the material you’ll use. Your vanity will be subject to humidity, cleaning products, and day-to-day wear so durability is also essential. Wood veneers, laminates, and thermofoil work well, while wood will need to be properly sealed and lacquered. Get some inspiration at Fabuwood.

Choosing the right vanity can either make or break your bathroom. With a little planning and careful consideration, you’re sure to find a vanity that will meet your needs in terms of both style and functionality.

Fabuwood Cabinets

Fabuwood Cabinets

Fabuwood Quality:

Whereas Fabuwood’s cabinets are famously appreciated for the elegant designs and on-demand colors, we understand the immense importance of quality. That being the reason, Fabuwood has been effectively using a laborious 12-step program which assures the quality of all the constructed cabinets. Having the most capable quality control team at its disposal insures the cabinets being received are thoroughly checked for any sort of shortcomings. Below mentioned are the 12 steps assuring the quality, Q-12:
1: Quality Sourced Lumber, 2: Pro Touch Technique, 3: Dovetail Construction, 4: Anti-Warp Structures, 5: Wooden Corner Blocks, 6: Solid Back Builds, 7: Flush Fit Frames, 8: Finished Interiors, 9: Soft-Closing Action, 10: Fluid Full-Extension, 11: EZ Level Drawer Fronts, 12: Sealed Signature.

In Stock Today:

Having In Stock Today as the authorized distributors has made sure that our consumers will get the best customer experience ever! Along with settling everything as per customer’s expectations. In Stock Today provides amazingly fast service by making in stock cabinets available in 5 to 7 days.

Customer Oriented:

Fabuwood offers a wide range of variety of doors, as much as 26 to choose from. This assures the fact that all the customers will be able to get what they distinctly want, be it a conventional style or even the most modern one’s. And that’s not it, we’re constantly making changes and producing brand new one’s based on the latest market trends and colors.
Moreover, we’re giving you a best of both worlds, considering that Fabuwood’s a company which has stocks of cabinets, we’re also offering customization options. Which includes: custom colors, panel sizes, glass doors and other modifications, done by the elite experts.

Customer Service:

Technology was created to ease our lives, and making technology useful for dealers, we’ve provided them with an amazing online ordering and tracking platform. Not only are we modifying the platform constantly based on dealer’s feedbacks, we also provide free of cost software tools which are going to be immensely helpful in increasing your sales.
But Wait there’s more!! We are also providing the most attractive showroom displays, and that too on the most insignificant price.
We proudly have the most elite cabinet production system, which has made our lead times faster than anyplace in our time. With White Glove service being mandatory and Curbside delivery, you will also be provided with a trained representative, while our phone lines are always available for customer’s assistance.

Since your growth as a Fabuwood dealer is our mutual interest, we make sure that our incredible promotion teams working on social media, not only promote Fabuwood Cabinets Quality but advertise you as Fabuwood’s dealers and contractors, which is going to be Free Advertising by us.
Last but not the least, along with 7 days lead time, several options for customization and modification, custom paint finishes, free sales and marketing tools and showroom display discounts, Fabuwood also provides 5 Years of Product Warranty.


Same Day Delivery of Cabinets in Fairfax


Sometimes while looking at your kitchen you may be feeling like renovating it completely. But at the same time, you do not want to get it demolished. In such a scenario, the renovation can be carried out by the use of kitchen cabinets. IST is a renowned supplier of kitchen and bathroom cabinets. If you shop from us, we can provide same-day cabinets in Fairfax. To some other areas, there is next day delivery option also available, so that you can start your kitchen renovation as soon as possible.

Before visiting the store, make sure to set up the budget in your mind, the space in your kitchen as well as its design because these factors can help you with in finding the right cabinets. The best part about shopping cabinets from IST is that you can get what you want at an affordable rate. Not only this, there is a wide variety of products available from which you can use the suitable one. you can even check out the available designs at colors at the IST

The company mainly aims to ensure maximum storage by making the kitchen appear elegant at the same time.

An aesthetically pleasing cabinet makes you feel cozy and comfortable whenever you look at it. If you are in a hurry and staying in Fairfax, then this is your best shopping destination for cabinets because here the readymade cabinets of numerous designs are available, so you do not have to wait for long. Even if there is a party in the upcoming days and you want a renewed look of your kitchen, IST can make it possible through its on-time delivery and installation. This is because IST works 6 days a week to make sure that the needs of its clients are fulfilled.

Fabuwood, Stock and Ready-To-Go Kitchen and Bath Cabinets

The cabinets that you will get by same day cabinets in Fairfax are made out of wood. Professionals have crafted them to impart them an elegant appearance. You will get a 5-year warranty on our products. If there are some kitchenware already in your home then also IST makes sure that the cabinets would complement them without having to remove them. If you are the one who loves a traditional style along with a trendy appearance, then the Nexus design is meant for you. This design has frost and slate colors. Birch plywood has been used for manufacturing the cabinets with a naturally appearing interior design. In case your kitchen has brown, tan or earthy pallets, then the ivory colors will be the best for you. There are three finishes of the galaxy cabinets, i.e frost, pecan, and espresso. With such a wide variety, now you can be sure that this is the best place to find any type of cabinet you are looking for.

So, you need not look around for various shops anymore, to get the right kind of cabinet. With this store, you can be sure to get the best goods and best after-sale service too!

Wholesale Cabinets


During tough economic times purchasing high-quality wholesale cabinets remains to be practical and affordable.

When buying the wholesale cabinets, the cabinets can be pre-assembledand have different degrees of quality. Because of the high costs of construction and labor by reducing public interest, stores have begun to reduce the making of the pre-assembled cabinets. The IST cabinets are affordable, and the installation is easier.

With the new technology, IST cabinet store has rekindled the new life in buying the wholesale cabinets. The ist cabinets have instilled consumer confidence in the cabinets that are durable, and affordable. It has the finestcabinets for your house. The store continues to expand and grow with the increasing consumer support in buying the wholesale cabinets.

More people buy the wholesale kitchen cabinets because of the competitive prices on a large selection. 

Whole means buying items for personal or home use in large quantities. This is appealing and enticing, draws the attention of the prospective buyers. Most stores are now offering a wide variety of personal, home, and business products at wholesale price. Home improvement stores offer kitchen cabinets at wholesale to attract more customers or due to overstocking.

Fabuwood, Stock and Ready-To-Go Kitchen and Bath Cabinets

Whether you want to build a new house or renovate, it is essential to think of the type of cabinets that you can install. It may seem like a hard task even for the experienced designers. Fortunately, the IST store team is experienced and can help you to choose the best cabinetry for your house. The following are some of the things to look at when buying wholesale cabinets for kitchen:

The storage capacity

The main use of the cabinets is to offer enough storage solutions in the kitchen and other rooms. With this in mind, you can be able to choose cabinets that can meet your needs. Ensure that you consult a wholesaler dealer to buy the design that will give your house a great look and reduce clutter.

The aesthetic value

There is a wide range of cabinets in various stores; they come in different patterns and designs to meet your needs. IST offers a wide range of cabinets that can complement the design of your house. The team will advise you to pick the best set, which cannot clash with other house elements.


Before you purchase the cabinetry, consider size and layout of the kitchen. You can choose lighter cabinets if the size of your kitchen is small. The furniture is made to furnish your house at affordable rates. The professional team will help you to purchase what you want, no matter the layout or size of your house.

Same Day Stock Cabinets


IST same day stock cabinets can meet all your storage needs. You will get high quality and beautiful cabinets for your kitchen. You can choose from the basic cabinets to vanity cabinets; you will get what you want for your home. All you choose will live up to the expectations you have. There is a team that will guide to pick the best cabinets. Whether you want tall pantry or sink drawer cabinets, you will get them and have them the same day. You will get the best cabinets possible. The team makes sure that you get beautiful and functional cabinets.

Fabuwood, Stock and Ready-To-Go Kitchen and Bath Cabinets

Cabinets that are made well will hold more items as needed. It is essential to ensure that your house has enough storage cases. You can buy as many cabinets as you want in your house. The home should be decorated and organized as you desire.

Purchase cabinets that can go well with your home layout and style. Quality cabinets will look great in a rustic, modern, and contemporary style. There are various cabinets to choose from; the skilled team will ensure that you choose the best set that will meet your storage needs. The same day cabinets will enhance the layout of your kitchen.

Before you purchase the cabinets, consider the amount of space available to be sure the size of the cabinets that you will take home. You can choose wall cabinets or vanity cabinets to make most out of the available space. You deserve high quality and great looking cabinets that will reduce clutter in your rooms, especially the kitchen.

The cabinets will help you to keep your dishes, pots, cutlery,and pans. The best cabinet sets will last for a long time because they are of high quality and are crafted well. The storage sets will add life to your kitchen. Choose the perfect set and never settle for just any style, pick the best option that will help to make your dreams a reality.

You can just pick up the cabinets the same day you order and can be installed according to your schedule. You can also get the next day cabinets from the store. The goal is to ensure that the customers are satisfied by receiving high-quality cabinets.

The prices are competitive,and the quality is not compromised. If you need the best cabinets at a lower price, IST can help you. It is important to pick a set that will blend with your décor. The IST cabinets are well crafted, strong, and durable. The cabinets will be great for your rooms. You can be satisfied with investing in the uniquecabinets that will make your home a better and organized place.

The kitchen cabinets should be attractive in the kitchen because it is where we store dishes, food, and also our families bond. If you want to make the kitchen an exceptional place to be, choose high quality and outstanding cabinets. Before you go to buy the cabinets, ensure that you know what you want.

Unique Bathroom Vanities


Building or remodelling your bathroom requires good planning and within your budget plan. The bathroom vanities come in different designs and shades and when choosing whatever is needed for the bathroom, it’s important to have a deep understanding of what fits your household needs. There are different companies or stores that stock the bathroom vanities of your choice. It can be frustrating to decide where to get unique and quality supplies for setting up your bathroom.

Fabuwood, Stock and Ready-To-Go Kitchen and Bath Cabinets

Fortunately, In Stock Cabinets will sort you out especially when you are looking out for supplies that will make your bathroom elegant. It doesn’t matter what size you need or whatever style suits your needs, at In Stock Cabinets we got your back. We not only provide to our customers the quality products they need but also provide them at the best possible affordable prices for the value of their money.

Additionally, at Fabuwood Bathroom Vanities, the products are high end products that significantly stand out from other locally available products. Our products stand out from the rest as they are durable and made from quality material that is pocket friendly to the customer. Fabuwood is definitely the place to purchase your bathroom products that are tailor made to suite that elegance you need for your house.

One definite thing to admit is that if you are a cabinet person, by all means your bathroom design will depend on the vanities you install or use in setting up the bathroom. Always go for high quality and unique products that serve you as well as the satisfaction you need. If you consider your bathroom as a relaxing place like a Jacuzzi after long day, then the bathroom should reflect like one.

In Stock Today Cabinets, we offer a lot of unique vanities that you can choose from. We believe at In Stock to provide you with the products that give you the value for your money. Our products range from modern, contemporary, traditional, double and single vanities giving you the opportunity to buy what suite your need. Additionally, our products are delivered on daily basis at the most affordable prices ever. We also ensure to deliver on time to allow you start your work on time.

When you choose In Stock Today for your bathroom vanities, you choose quality and uniqueness. Check out on the amazing offers and the range of products we offer at our store. Visit us at In Stock Today Cabinets or order your goods online and be assured of quality vanities that will make your bathroom stand out of the rest. In choosing IST, you choose quality for the value of your money. Remember that quality is not always synonymous to expensive; at IST cabinets we ensure customer care that satisfies individual needs.

Same day delivery IST Cabinets


Building or remodeling your house requires a lot of supplies. These supplies are usually very easily available in online and walk-in stores. Unfortunately, we may all have been in situations where we need some items for our construction project but it took too long to come in and in turn our construction was stalled for a while. This situation can be even more frustrating if you try to call the supplier and they tell you that the product is on the way every other time.

Fortunately, IST- In Stock Today Cabinets have got your back especially if you need readymade kitchen cabinets in Washington DC. We guarantee without fail that any cabinets ordered from our store will be delivered on the same day. Additionally, we assure you of the quality of kitchen and bathroom cabinets that you will purchase from us. We not only give our customers quality products, we also provide them with the best possible price for their cabinets assuring them of getting value for their money.

In partnership with Fabuwood, we ensure that we have a ready-to-go cabinets that have a 5 year limited warranty. Our showroom is well stocked and has a wide variety of kitchen and bath cabinets that you can choose from. We have functional displays that will give you the exact picture of what you will have once any of our cabinets is installed in your home. In our catalog, you will also be impressed by all the classic and elegant options that are available at your disposal to transform your kitchen or bath into an exquisite modern space.

We take immense pride in taking the waiting out of the delivery of our products by providing the same day delivery in Fairfax. For our clients outside of Fairfax, we also have you in mind and your deliveries will be made in 5 to 7 days from the day of purchase. Our customer service team is also empathetic will guarantee you the best help that you might need with regard to any problem or concern that you might have. They will resolve any issues as soon as you report them.

For your next remodeling, construction or just wholesale of kitchen cabinets, do make it a point to check out our amazing quality products that are guaranteed to make your home ooze with pizzaz and stand out well above the rest. In choosing us, you will not regret the speed with which you will have your cabinets installed or supplied for you to sell to your contacts so do not be left behind, by all means look into IST Cabinets.

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