Jun 23, 2018

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Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Doors


With the advancement in technology, creativity, and ideas, many different types of kitchen cabinets are there in the market. They have different designs, quality, look, and usage. Basically, three types of kitchen cabinets are available – semi custom, stock, and custom cabinets. They also come in very different types of designs but the cabinet doors are the main focus these days. The most popular kitchen cabinets near me with the different door designs are mentioned below-

Glass Cabinet Doors – These are the most popular cabinet doors because they look great in any type of kitchen. You don’t have to match their color with your kitchen and you don’t have to buy doors with so much designing on them just to make your kitchen look good. Even a simple glass door will make the kitchen amazing. They are best for smaller kitchens because they will give the depth to the kitchen making it look larger. They are bit expensive but they are worth the cost. You will have to keep the inside clean because the things will be visible from the outside; at least, people will keep the kitchen clean and arranged because of this reason. It’s not like that the designs are only available in wooden doors but many styles and designs are now available in glass doors as well.

Flat Cabinet Doors – Nowadays, simple is the new classy. As the name implies, flat cabinet doors do not come with any design. They are completely plain and simple yet they make the kitchen stylish, elegant and classy. The only role is of the hardware which should also be kept simple. These doors are really popular in kitchen cabinets near me as these doors are just perfect for contemporary or modern kitchen styles. These doors are usually available in wood but you can customize them with laminate also which is more versatile and bit cheaper than wood and thus can give bit more decoration to your kitchen.

Louvered Cabinet Doors – These cabinet doors are made from wood slats which are placed horizontally which are the real life-saver for the smaller kitchen because they make the kitchen look wider and spacious.  There is a gap between each slat grant which is for the ventilation. You can simply keep your wet dishes behind those ventilated cabinet doors. These cabinet doors are mainly installed by people with good bank balance as they are quite expensive.

Shaker Cabinet Doors – These doors are the most common and famous in kitchen cabinets near me. These doors are inspired by Shaker style furniture and in terms of practicality, they are the most useful. They are available in plenty of colors, wood types and they can fit in any type of kitchen. They are not that fancy but still, they give a modern look to your kitchen.

Beadboard Cabinet Doors – Even though people don’t prefer to have these cabinet doors because they are a bit difficult to clean but they were really famous in earlier times and in almost every house, people used to have these doors to give a royal finishing to the house.