Mar 1, 2021

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Finding the Perfect Bathroom Vanity


If you’re getting ready to renovate your bathroom, then you need to keep in mind that the bathroom vanity may very well end up being the main attraction of one of the smaller spaces of your home. For this reason, it’s important that you get it right, taking into consideration not only the overall look but also the functionality of the vanity.

Who will be using it and how?

The first thing to consider when choosing a vanity is who it will cater to. If more than one person is getting ready in the bathroom in the morning, then you may need a double sink. If not, a single-sink option can save you space. If the vanity will be used for doing hair and make-up, then you’ll probably need more counter space, storage, and lighting. Also, consider the height of the vanity. The standard height is 32 inches, though some designers disagree. Ultimately, it will depend on what’s right for those using it most often. You’ll find a wide choice at discount bathroom vanities near me.

Location of the Plumbing

Changing the location of plumbing can be both costly and time-consuming. It’s probably easier to work around the existing plumbing, so this may narrow down your options.

Placement and Size

No matter what your storage needs, you can’t cram a large vanity into a small bathroom. Be realistic and work with the space you have.

Keep in mind the functioning of other structures. How far does the door swing into the bathroom? Will you have a swinging shower door? Where is the toilet? Consider the traffic flow of the bathroom and ensure you don’t have to squeeze past different fixtures. Also, consider whether you’ll be able to access the sides of the vanity for cleaning and if you’ll be able to get past with any vanity door open.

Use a box as a rough indicator to see if what you’re planning makes sense.  You’ll find a range of sizes to choose from at  bathroom cabinets near me.


When choosing a bathroom vanity, decide on the amount and type of storage you’ll need. Take stock of what you currently have in your bathroom and plan accordingly. Think about what you’ll need to have within reach and what can simply be stored nearby.

Keep in mind that plumbing will take up space and drawers and cabinets work differently; drawers extend in front and doors swing out to the side. One may work better than the other depending on the layout of your bathroom.

Style of Sink

When choosing a sink for your vanity, consider that some sinks take up more counter space than others. Think about what it is you need more, a larger sink or more counter space, and plan accordingly.



While the look of your vanity is important, you also need to consider the material you’ll use. Your vanity will be subject to humidity, cleaning products, and day-to-day wear so durability is also essential. Wood veneers, laminates, and thermofoil work well, while wood will need to be properly sealed and lacquered. Get some inspiration at Fabuwood.

Choosing the right vanity can either make or break your bathroom. With a little planning and careful consideration, you’re sure to find a vanity that will meet your needs in terms of both style and functionality.


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