May 1, 2018

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Fabuwood Cabinets Northern Virginia


Imagine this scenario: you are in a party and saw that your host has the most elegant and convenient kitchen in the neighborhood. You went back home and wonder how you can make your kitchen look even better. If that is the case, Fabuwood Cabinets in Northern Virginia has the answer to your cabinet needs.

Everyone knows that a full renovation can blow up your budget. However, it should not be the case. You are just looking to make your kitchen beautiful without the headaches and stress that a kitchen remodeling can bring. Fabuwood Cabinets in Northern Virginia is your answer. Our cabinets are manufactured by the big giant company, Fabuwood cabinets and we have a range of colors, sizes, and products that you can choose from. Our company, In Stock Cabinets, lives up to its name. You can pick your preferred cabinets on the go. Rest assured that they are still freshly manufactured from Fabuwood as the case with every one of our cabinets.

Kitchen Ideas for You

Do you want a convenient kitchen centerpiece where you can grab meals or snacks? Then build a kitchen island. It can be an asset inside your kitchen. It’s not only going to make your kitchen look great, but it is also a convenient way for storing utensils or silverware. You can build a cabinetry under the island. Get our Hallmark collection in chestnut. The colors and paints in the wood are evenly finished and look elegant. The dark brown color and the smooth finish will make your kitchen look classy without you needing to do anything. We also have Pecan and brandy colors available. We want you to feel comfortable in your own kitchen. Feel the peace of sipping a cup of tea in the morning while looking at cabinets which are beautifully made and hand-crafted.

Do you want to get the classic look for your kitchen? Then try our Classic Wellington collection which comes in cinnamon and ivory. The designs are made elaborately, highlighting the familiarity of classic cabinets.  We make cabinets with more details and ornaments. The effect is a timeless elegance that you can even hand down to your children. The classic look is a style which everyone prefers. If you are planning to sell your house in the future, the classic look in the kitchen will increase the property’s value. That is because the new homeowners can decide if they want to do a makeover in the kitchen. If they do, classic kitchen designs require minimum amounts of work.

Do you want a modern- style kitchen? Then Fabuwood Cabinets in Northern Virginia has the perfect product for you. Our Quest collection in Frost color will make your kitchen look modern. You will never go wrong in white. White is the ultimate neutral in terms of colors. As a result, you can pair it with every color and it will look great.

Are you still unsure?

Contact us today. Tell us what exactly what you need and we will find the perfect product for you.