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Kitchen Cabinets – Setting the Style for Your Kitchen

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Kitchen cabinets are the center of any house and need to look fresh besides providing ample storage space for the kitchen tools and utensils. So, the wholesale kitchen cabinets obtained from dealers must be installed with proper planning that would suit the need as well as aesthetically appealing.

Kitchen cabinets are classified into 3 basic types:

  1. Stock cabinets:

They can easily and quickly impart a fresh look to the kitchen. It is available in standard cabinet sizes but there is less diversity in the number of door styles, color, and finishes that comes with it.

  1. Semi-custom cabinets:

It provides a number of options for styles and features like roll out shelves, door racks, and organization inserts.This helps a customer in personalizing the look of the kitchen with a lower price, as it is available in different finishes, paints, stains,  glazes, and techniques for specialty finishing like distressing. It can be adorned with crown molding, cabinet feet and legs, and, various other hardware to impart it a unique look.

3.Custom kitchen cabinets:

It comes with wood types that have the wide breadth, construction platforms, finishing options  and alterations can be easily made by the craftsmen to meet the customer expectations

Cabinets cover a major portion of the kitchen and the most prominently noticeable portion in it are the doors that constitute the face of the cabinet. So careful choice has to be made while selecting the cabinet doors from the dealers of wholesale kitchen cabinets, so as to make it cohesive with the rest of the kitchen.

There is a range of kitchen doors available to choose from:

  1. Glass cabinet doors:

It is apt for smaller kitchens as it can make it appear bigger by adding depth to the kitchen interior. The decoration hardware can also be clearly visible through the glasses behind the cabinet doors.

The upper cabinets need to be of glasses, which also comes in a variety of styles and designs, to impart the kitchen a good look.

  1. Louvered cabinet doors:

They are composed of horizontal wood slats which are best for smaller kitchens because of their property to impart a spacious appearance to the kitchen besides providing ventilation to the wet utensils.

  1. Shaker cabinet doors

It comes with moderate and elegant shapes that impart an extravagant look to the kitchen. It provides versatile options as it comes with different types of wood, stains, and colors.

  1. Flat cabinet doors:

It consists of simple flat panels, best suited for contemporary kitchen styles. It can be found in materials like wood and laminate

  1. Beadboard cabinet doors:

It provides a traditional look like that of a cottage but is tough to clean especially when they are white colored.

  1. Inset cabinet doors

They are set inside the cabinet, making it suitable only when the kitchen is a spacious one. It has a luxurious look.

  1. Distressed cabinet doors

Scars are knowingly made into it to impart it an antique appearance. They are suitable for rustic or antique houses.

  1. Thermofoil cabinet doors:

It consists of medium density fiberboard with a plastic outer covering that is sealed at high temperature. It has high durability but can’t be repaired easily after getting damaged.

  1. Custom cabinet doors:

It is to design a cabinet as per one’s taste and needs using creativity and imagination that imparts a unique look to the kitchen.

While setting the kitchen style one needs to check out wholesale kitchen cabinets with the dealers to get them at a reasonable price and variety of styles and designs.


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