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Everything you need to know before choosing your kitchen cabinets


One needs to be really smart while choosing the kitchen cabinets for one’s kitchen. They are the ones that determine the look of your kitchen and has a big influence on the entire “feel” of it. Of course, one needs to keep the budget in mind as well.

They are considered as the most useful accompaniment for a kitchen. Generally, kitchen cabinets are used to store the non-perishable items and other kitchen related artifacts.

Below we have discussed certain important elements which will help you to choose your perfect kitchen cabinet.

  1. Manufacturing – The kitchen cabinets are manufactured in different ways based on which they are termed differently. Stock cabinets are the pre-manufactured ones in specific sizes and limited available styles. Semi-custom cabinets are also pre-manufactured units where you can have some options of customization in terms of sizes, designs, storage capacity etc. The custom cabinets are made according to the specifications of the customers and there is no limitation in color, form, material and size of these cabinets.
  2. Construction and Quality – The quality of a kitchen cabinet is primarily linked to its construction i.e. the material used and how it is put together. One should pay some attention in the detailing of these cabinets, especially if he/she wants them to last for a long duration. Certain parts of the cabinets like the drawers take a lot of mishandling, so it is always a wise decision to pay a few extra bucks for their added durability.
  • Materials – The different types of construction materials include plywood, MDF (medium density fiberboard), particle board, metal, solid wood and melamine or laminate (they are generally laid over a particle board or other similar substance).
  • Design and Construction – All cabinets have 2 distinguishing design styles – frameless and framed. Framed units have a wooden frame, outlining the front side of these cabinet boxes. The frameless cabinets do not have this feature. The techniques and methods of joinery to support and assemble them also vary. Metal, wood or plastics are used to make the structural braces. The different methods of joinery are staples and nails, hot-glue, dadoes and dovetails etc.
  • Hardware – The drawer slides are available in different types of quality – some use nylon wheels/rollers, others use ball bearings. The drawer space is dependent on its physical location i.e. on the bottom or side mount. Again, the construction material of shelf mounting brackets also differs – it can be metal or plastic.
  1. Available warranty – As investment on kitchen cabinets includes a good amount, one should always look for the type of warranty provided with the product. Few key points include:
  • Duration – The duration of warranties typically includes 1 years, 5 years and lifetime coverage. Often lifetime coverage involves 10 years, which is not a very long time. Generally, low-end products have limited warranty whereas the high-end ones have the longest warranty. This is up to you what kind of durability you are looking for.
  • Coverage – Most warranties cover defects in materials and workmanship. They generally don’t cover the damage resulting from improper use or after the cabinet has been installed. Some manufacturers provide coverage for individual parts like drawer slides, drawers and hinges.
  • Compensation – Mostly the warranties include replacement or repair of the defective part, depending on the manufacturer’s discretion. If the components are out of the market, then reimbursement of the price of those parts is also sometimes provided.

Charismatic Assembled Cabinets


Classy looks with a better human facilitation, lead to assembled cabinets. Cabinets can be open or enclosed with drawers and doors to store miscellaneous items. Cabinets provide space to integrate kitchen appliances like refrigerator, ovens, and dishwashers, and many other appliances to suit the customer’s need.


Cabinets designed for the kitchen have an enclosed surface like countertops and have multiple doors and drawers to suit the trend and the requirement. Cabinets are designed to have an enclosed base or a scrolled base.

Cabinets are classified as pre-assembled or ready-to-assemble cabinets.

  • Pre-assembled cabinets: Cabinets are designed and assembled in the warehouse with a defined standard measurement. They take minimal on-site installation time.
  • Ready-to-assemble: Cabinets are beautifully designed for durability and are cost-effective.


Cabinets are made of different wood choices like hardwood (solid wood), MDF (Medium-density Fiberboard), plywood, and particle board. Solid wood is expensive, but provides long sustainability when compared to plywood and MDF. Plywood and MDF are reasonable, but they need high maintenance. MDF and Plywood type cabinets are suited when the remodeling of the kitchen cabinet takes place for every 15 years.


IST Cabinets provides a different set of kitchen cabinet categories like Classic, Allure, Prima, Value, and Geneva.

  • Classic style: Classic encompasses cabinet collections like Wellington, Elite, and Shaker.

1) Wellington style of cabinets has raised panel doors with a glazed finish.

They are available in three different colors like cinnamon, ivory, and


2) Elite style cabinets also have raised panel doors. They are available in two

different colors like cinnamon, and merlot.

3) Shaker style provides evenness with a smooth finish. They are available in

three different colors like natural, linen, and brandy.

  • Allure style: Allure style is further divided into different cabinet collection styles like Nexus, Galaxy, Fusion, and Vista.
  • Nexus style is made of two colors, slate and frost. Nexus style provides

the most in fashion cabinets without compromising the traditional feel.

2) Galaxy style is available in four different colors like frost, pecan,

espresso, and linen. Galaxy style is an economical amalgamation of trend

with tradition.

3) Fusion style cabinets are available in two colors like Blanc, and chestnut.

Fusion provides an offbeat collection of cabinets which are affordable.

4) Vista style cabinets are available in Blanc color.

  • Prima style: Prima style cabinets are frameless and they are designed to have soft doors. Prima is available only in bianco color.
  • Value style: Value style cabinets categorize further to Hallmark style cabinets and Landmark style cabinets.

1) Hallmark style cabinets have high end artistry work. They are available in

three colors like pecan, brandy, and chestnut.

2) Landmark style cabinets have overlay doors. Landmark style cabinets are

available in two colors, natural and brandy.

  • Geneva style: Geneva style cabinets are the most cost-effective and serviceable cabinets. Geneva style cabinet is available one in white color.


Maintenance of cabinets: In order to maintain the appeal, cabinets need delicate care. They need to be cleaned with cotton clothes or feather dusters. Prominent oil/coffee stains are removed with warm water and mild soap.


Assembled cabinets come in many alluring styles which are improvised to facilitate human interaction.

Know why Fabuwood Cabinets are the best for your kitchen


Cabinets have become a focal point of most of our houses. However, one needs to choose them, keeping several things in mind. While getting your kitchen cabinets, you must be having a long list of things that you expect from those cabinet boxes. So let me tell you, fabuwood fulfills all your expectations from providing high-quality products to being cost effective solutions.

It is very important to choose the correct kitchen cabinets for the kitchen and fabuwood is the most affordable option in the market. One can find several online retailers dealing in fabuwood products. The costs of these fabuwood products are significantly lower as compared to the different variants of wood and wood-based materials.

What are the advantages of Fabuwood Cabinets?

  • Fabuwood offers high-quality products
  • It is cost effective
  • It provides all the great features as one expects from the renowned brands.
  • Being highly durable, fabuwood is considered as the best alternative to costly wood products.
  • Fabuwood cabinets are available in a wide range of color variations.

You will find the best Fabuwood cabinets at our store. Our products are known for their superior quality, but at the most affordable price. There is a comprehensive warranty on all our products that will protect your investment adequately. Our customers do not worry about buying defective products since the company takes care of all types of manufacturing defects.

All fabuwood cabinets have its unique touch added which make them look attractive. As we all know, our kitchen cabinets go through lots of wear and tear and hence, we would like our cabinets to be strong to withstand such rough situations. Most homeowners opt for the fabuwood furniture because of their high durability. The fabuwood cabinets also have a 5-year warranty. They provide you with a service for a lifetime.

We have a wide range of fabuwood cabinets to choose from. If you want to get your perfect fabuwood cabinet, then we would recommend you to spend some time in choosing the furniture by looking at its several specifications to ensure value for money.

Unlike previous times, purchasing furniture online is not at all a stormy affair. You can easily browse through the several options that appear on your screen and also check the user reviews for each of our products. Our online support team is always there to help you choose your product correctly.

Rather than hopping from one shop to another in search of your perfect piece, you can simply browse through the different options on our page by sitting on your comfortable sofa. Trust me, we have a much better variety of fabuwood cabinets than any other physical store, whose stocks are generally limited.

These high-end fabuwood cabinets would definitely meet all your expectations in the coming years. They are strong, durable, inexpensive and most importantly, high on their quality.

Get these beautiful and stylish fabuwood cabinets today and give your home that special touch! With these outstanding pieces at such affordable prices, you do not have to compromise on your style.

Attractive in stock Cabinets for your beautiful home!!


When you think of remodeling your kitchen, it is always better to purchase and install the in stock cabinets because it saves a lot of your valuable time and money. One does not need to pay for the customizations and since the cabinets are already made, so they are ready to be moved into your home. The best part is, buying these furniture does not mean that you need to compromise on quality, as against the popular notion that only customized cabinets assure you on quality.

When buying the in stock cabinets, what are the important things that one should look for? Look for those cabinets that are made of plywood or solid wood. These types of cabinets have better longevity and have better details than the pressed wood. The walls of the cabinets should at least have a thickness of ½ inch to provide sturdiness. Also, while hunting for that perfect cabinet, do remember to check the consistency in the finish of the cabinets. The finishes of the low quality cabinets are irregular – varying from one cabinet to the other. One can also find an extension hardware attached to these cabinets; this is done for ensuring easy access where the doors can be opened almost 180 degrees and the drawers can also be opened fully.

For a standard sized kitchen, a set of good quality in stock cabinets will cost you around $8000 to $10,000. This price includes the price of the cabinet as well as the professional installation of the cabinet. However, if you want to go for full custom or semi-custom cabinets, then you will find that the price goes up by several notches. One can also go in for the IKEA sets that are of good quality with a much lesser price. Although your total expenditure will reduce, yet you will have to tackle other hassles like the complicated assembly as well as installation.

Nowadays, there are wide ranges of options available for in stock cabinets. There are several color choices and finish options to choose from. You can get pearl white, stained maple, natural wood, cherry and other options to match the décor of your home. There are different types of cabinets available depending on your need and usage. Don’t worry about losing your valuable storage space. Our in stock cabinets are specially made to fit your kitchen or wardrobe space.

Our cabinet collections offer ample space for a huge number of your household items. Their variety ranges from classic styles to the contemporary ones

We offer you high quality in stock cabinets, but at an incredible price range. Our products are ideal for starter homes, house flippers, investment properties and so on. Our easy-to-install cabinets will definitely add that extra oomph to your home space. Come to our showroom today and get your own ready-to-move-in cabinet! You can also get them delivered directly to your homes. Achieve any style you want to with our in stock cabinets.