Classy looks with a better human facilitation, lead to assembled cabinets. Cabinets can be open or enclosed with drawers and doors to store miscellaneous items. Cabinets provide space to integrate kitchen appliances like refrigerator, ovens, and dishwashers, and many other appliances to suit the customer’s need.


Cabinets designed for the kitchen have an enclosed surface like countertops and have multiple doors and drawers to suit the trend and the requirement. Cabinets are designed to have an enclosed base or a scrolled base.

Cabinets are classified as pre-assembled or ready-to-assemble cabinets.

  • Pre-assembled cabinets: Cabinets are designed and assembled in the warehouse with a defined standard measurement. They take minimal on-site installation time.
  • Ready-to-assemble: Cabinets are beautifully designed for durability and are cost-effective.


Cabinets are made of different wood choices like hardwood (solid wood), MDF (Medium-density Fiberboard), plywood, and particle board. Solid wood is expensive, but provides long sustainability when compared to plywood and MDF. Plywood and MDF are reasonable, but they need high maintenance. MDF and Plywood type cabinets are suited when the remodeling of the kitchen cabinet takes place for every 15 years.


IST Cabinets provides a different set of kitchen cabinet categories like Classic, Allure, Prima, Value, and Geneva.

  • Classic style: Classic encompasses cabinet collections like Wellington, Elite, and Shaker.

1) Wellington style of cabinets has raised panel doors with a glazed finish.

They are available in three different colors like cinnamon, ivory, and


2) Elite style cabinets also have raised panel doors. They are available in two

different colors like cinnamon, and merlot.

3) Shaker style provides evenness with a smooth finish. They are available in

three different colors like natural, linen, and brandy.

  • Allure style: Allure style is further divided into different cabinet collection styles like Nexus, Galaxy, Fusion, and Vista.
  • Nexus style is made of two colors, slate and frost. Nexus style provides

the most in fashion cabinets without compromising the traditional feel.

2) Galaxy style is available in four different colors like frost, pecan,

espresso, and linen. Galaxy style is an economical amalgamation of trend

with tradition.

3) Fusion style cabinets are available in two colors like Blanc, and chestnut.

Fusion provides an offbeat collection of cabinets which are affordable.

4) Vista style cabinets are available in Blanc color.

  • Prima style: Prima style cabinets are frameless and they are designed to have soft doors. Prima is available only in bianco color.
  • Value style: Value style cabinets categorize further to Hallmark style cabinets and Landmark style cabinets.

1) Hallmark style cabinets have high end artistry work. They are available in

three colors like pecan, brandy, and chestnut.

2) Landmark style cabinets have overlay doors. Landmark style cabinets are

available in two colors, natural and brandy.

  • Geneva style: Geneva style cabinets are the most cost-effective and serviceable cabinets. Geneva style cabinet is available one in white color.


Maintenance of cabinets: In order to maintain the appeal, cabinets need delicate care. They need to be cleaned with cotton clothes or feather dusters. Prominent oil/coffee stains are removed with warm water and mild soap.


Assembled cabinets come in many alluring styles which are improvised to facilitate human interaction.