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Contractor Cabinets

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It’s that time of the year when you re remodeling your home. It is also that time of the year when you struggle with choices. Making décor choices is as hard as choosing a career. These are items that you will possibly have in your home for more than just a few months. You will need to get just the right throw pillows, the right drapes for your windows and cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom.

Cabinets will be our main focus in this article. Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way, cabinets are expensive. Yes they cost a lot because wood is not cheap. You need high quality cabinets that will last you long enough while matching the décor in your home or building. If you own apartments or are part of the construction business then you will need more than one set. The bill just goes higher from there.

SO, how do you get the best cabinets without breaking your bank account? You come see us. IST cabinets is one of the most affordable cabinets wholesalers in the state. You can get discounted cabinets if you’re buying in bulk. Contractor cabinets are some of our more popular options. This is because most of the contractors’ in the area prefer to get a large order at a discounted price rather than buy at a retail price. Companies such as Fabuwood ship their products directly to our stores and we have the privilege to sell them at a discounted rate.

Contractor cabinets also give you the opportunity to provide all your flats with uniformity. That’s right you can get the cabinets all in one style and size. That way the units in your building can all look the same and be equal to the tenants especially if all the rooms are the same. This is why our in stock cabinets are just the thing you need.

The best part? You do not have to wait for weeks to have them custom made. All you have to do is place and order and have the cabinets delivered or pick them up at our shops. We do not have to sell you on the importance of saving time. As a contractor you are used to working on deadlines.

Getting cabinets directly from the point of production can be close to impossible. The low rates that are provided by a company more often or not apply to a given number of units bought. This is why you cannot get the discounted price for one unit bought. The next best deal is to buy from us, the wholesalers. WE provide you with the same quality products at a reduced price from the retail one. You can decide on the design and color of the contractor cabinets you want. All you have to do is visit our website or call us on our toll free number. We provide free estimates so you can work within your budget.

Stock Cabinet in Maryland


People will often get their cabinets fixed up and customized on site when they have built their own homes. What happens when you go to a new home and have to put in the new cabinets with no time to build the customized cabinets? You buy stock cabinets.

So what exactly are stock cabinets? Well, stock cabinets are pre-constructed cabinets that are available to the buyer immediately. The cabinets often come in predetermined sizes and you can choose or pick the one the suits you the best. When you find yourself in a situation where you cannot wait for custom made cabinets then this is an option you may want to consider.

Most of these cabinets come in a specific dimensions and can be carried away from the supply store immediately. You can then have them installed in your home without much hassle.

These stock cabinets in Maryland come in a variety of styles, colors and wood. You can choose these specifics but it pretty much ends there. Sometimes the stock cabinets do not fit your kitchen or room of choice perfectly. These types of cases are the reason why you will need to have a professional help you through the process of choosing. Coming to the shop with exact measurements is also an added plus.

You can also have the technicians come to your home and take the measurements. It also helps when the company can do the installation to make it easier on you.

Finding the perfect stock cabinets in Maryland does not have to be a tedious plan for you. You can come and have a look at some of our finest stock cabinets. We have a variety of colors and wood types to choose from. The wood that you would normally have to buy and have customized and all the sawdust in your home can be avoided by buying stock cabinets.

Another big advantage of choosing stock cabinets in Maryland is the price. It is way cheaper to buy stock cabinets than it is to have them custom made. This really can bring down the cost of moving into a new home significantly. Especially if there are a lot of cabinets to be bought.

Stock cabinets in Maryland can be used in homes, investment buildings, for house flippers or commercial purposes.

The choice to buy stock cabinets is entirely up to you. You can then have the best and most high quality cabinets at a reduced price. It also helps that the cabinet is not going to have to be custom made when you want to do a quick renovation as a landlord after an old tenant moves out.

Having your cabinets installed by the same company that you bought them at will ensure proper installation. Contact us to have a fitting done today and get the best stock cabinets you have ever seen in your home.

The right technician will ensure that the stock cabinets fit perfectly into your kitchen and look as custom made as possible.


Wholesale cabinets in Washington DC.


So you have decided it is time to switch things up in your kitchen! Good for you. Everyone deserves a makeover once in a while even if it is in the place you cook your food. Here in Washington DC there are a number of options when it comes to picking the right cabinets. Our country’s capital is known for having some of the best furniture and décor around.

Sometimes some of the smallest joys come from just having a well-planned out kitchen. With stone countertops and matching cabinets, your décor can even determine your mood in the morning.

If you’re looking for a change and need a large amount of cabinets then you need to find wholesale cabinets in DC. Yes, we said wholesale! It does not always equate to low quality or on sale items when the word wholesale is mentioned.

Some producers give their distributors the right to sell to ordinary people. Some of do so at al low rate to move their stock a bit faster. Let’s start from the beginning. A producer creates the items and sells them to various distributors. The wholesalers who are the distributors, add a small amount to gain profit. They then sell to the retailers who add a large amount to get profit from you.

By buying wholesale cabinets in Washington DC you are cutting off the retailer to get a pretty good deal. We are one of the companies where you can get wholesale cabinets at a reduced price.

This could save you a small fortune if you are doing an entire remodel of your kitchen. When spring time comes up this is one of the reasons why you should just buy from a wholesaler. It will be near impossible to get a good deal when everyone is shopping for the same thing.

We offer all types of cabinets from in stock to RTA cabinets. Cabinets come in different colors, styles, shapes and dimensions. Stock cabinets come in almost 20 plus standard dimensions. All you have to do is contact us on our website and get an estimate.

That’s right you do not have to go all the way to another town or commit to buying the cabinets without getting an estimate. This can be particularly helpful when you are remodeling and you need to stay within the budget you made. One of our technicians can guide you on how to take the actual measurements or a rough approximate. This way you can know how many cabinets to buy.

You may be wondering why not go straight to the source and buy the cabinets from the producer. Well this is a hard task since producers sign contracts with most of their distributors to avoid competition. Your next best bet is to buy from the second source the wholesaler.

You can get high quality wholesale cabinets in Washington DC by going through us. We offer not only the best cabinets in the area but also high quality cabinets.

Assembled Cabinets in DC.


Whenever you are moving into a new home you like to remodel everything to fit your taste and liking. The previous owner may have liked drapes that hang from the ceiling while you prefer simple shades over the windows. Making a new house feel like home needs you to put our personal touch on the items that you feel will bring out your style.

These items are also the small things that help you express who you are as a person. A farmer will prefer shades and a screen door or a mud ramp at the side of the house. A doctor may prefer anything that is practical and toned down colors. Some may want a child’s room full of pomp and color.

When it comes to the important things like your living room area or the kitchen you definitely want to have a say in how everything goes. The cabinets need to be part of the theme you’re going for.  You need to make sure you are not going for a traditionally themed kitchen when you have contemporary themed cabinets.

You can choose to have the cabinets in your home custom made. Custom made cabinets are beautiful and can be made in any shape or form that you want to have it done. You can choose the type of color or wood used to make the cabinets.

What happens when all you cannot afford those custom made cabinets? They are after all very expensive to have made. This may not sound like such a good idea especially if you are a house flipper or move often due to work. You want something comfortable but will not cost you so much money.

If this is the case for you then you can easily make it by buying assembled cabinets in DC. You can walk into a shop with nothing but your card or cash and leave with all the cabinets you need for your home. You just have to make a decision on choosing stock cabinets. Assembled cabinets in DC are easily available by just contacting us. We can give you the best cabinets at a reduced price compared to custom made cabinets.

Assembled cabinets in DC used to have a bad reputation. This is because they were of low quality before. Now the assembled cabinets are made of high quality goods. Our cabinets ensure you do not have to compromise on the quality for price or vice versa. We want you to have quality cabinets without having to break the bank.

If you want to have cabinets of a different shape, size or height then you need to accept the fact that assembled cabinets in DC are just not going to do it for you. If you are willing to compromise then you can easily go to our nearest shop or visit our website for some of the best cabinets that you can take home.

Assembled cabinets are also good for commercial investments or landlords that need tocarry out renovations.