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Stock Vanities in Fairfax


Vanities are the centerpiece of a bathroom. They are the first thing you see when you enter. They are both incredibly useful and a piece with which to define the theme of your bathroom. There can be so many different vanities that you might have in your space that they might even confuse you.

There are small vanities with only one sink. These suit small families or couples who don’t need a lot of space to store their things and are not always in a rush. For those big families who make a mess in the morning trying to get ready and yell at each other to get out the bathroom faster, there are also vanities aimed at them. Those are the big vanities with two sinks. They allow much more storage space and two people can get ready at the same time.

There are also different themes to bathroom vanities. They can be modern, traditional, art deco, minimalistic, etc. Which type you choose is up to you. In addition, there are also different materials you can use for your vanity. There are high maintenance materials which look exquisite but need to be cleaned way too often. And there are much more handy materials which look good but you won’t need to always stand on guard and see if the vanity looks like it needs a good cleaning.

What you choose is up to you! But a lot of people besides thinking about this, might also consider the price tag that vanities come with. They also think about the time it takes to find a good vanity and even think of an appropriate design. You have to make the plans, work with designers and dealerships to get the materials you need, wait for it to be finished, look it over to see if it needs any changes and then wait for it to be delivered and installed.

That takes a huge amount of time that most people don’t have. It also costs a lot of money, more than most people think is appropriate for a vanity. This means that everyone is constantly looking for easier and more affordable methods to get a good vanity.

And there is such a way. It’s called a stock vanity. But what is a stock vanity? A stock vanity is a readily available one that you can just pick up and bring home with you. This means you can walk into a store, find a nice looking vanity which you think will fit best with your bathroom theme, and buy it. You have the option of having it delivered to you or you can take it home yourself and install it. Since they are not custom made, no special expertise is needed to put it in. The only downside is that you cannot customize it and it already has a definite height and length that cannot be changed.

But if you’re looking for a good stock vanity in Fairfax, then IST Cabinets have you covered. You can find the highest quality stock vanities with lower price there. Go ahead and stop worrying about finding a good vanity.

Wholesale Cabinets in Washington



So you’re getting new cabinets? First, congratulations! And second, where are you getting them? Have you thought about the design, the colors, the materials? Have you thought about getting stock or custom made ones? Or are you just going in the store and picking out the first ones you find that look better?


Whatever you have decided, we know getting good cabinets can be expensive and quite frustrating. At the end of the day, people fight the most when they’re making décor decisions together. We can’t help much with the frustrating, you’ll have to figure that out with the people you’re getting your cabinets with. But we can help with the other problem. Cabinets don’t always have to be expensive.


Good cabinets can be found at a low price and you don’t have to sacrifice the quality and durability. They don’t have to look bad either, you can find cabinets that look modern or vintage even if they don’t have a thousand dollar price tag.


How do you even do that, you wonder? Well there are a couple of ways. You can get stock cabinets straight from the store without having to go through the whole lengthy process of customizing them and working with dealers and designers. You can also get Fabuwood cabinets in Washington which are amazing quality at good prices. Or, even better, you can get wholesale cabinets.


You might think I’m kidding right? I’m actually not. Wholesale cabinets are the same as the retail ones, they just have one difference. You’d think it was a minor difference, but that happens only when you have a fortune to spend on them. But when your budget is tight that difference becomes major. Wholesale cabinets are much cheaper than retail ones.


The reason for the price difference is in the chain of movement of the product. The cabinets go from the producer and are sold to the wholesaler. The wholesaler adds an amount to the cabinets price to make a profit and sells them to the retailer. The retailer then needs to make a profit too. That causes them to also add a hefty percentage of profit to the original wholesale price and voila, that’s the final price of those cabinets. You can see how this can double or even triple the original price of the cabinets.


Since it’s pretty difficult to get cabinets from the factory with the original lowest price, the second best alternative is to get them from the wholesalers. They’re basically the same and you save a few hundred dollars.


If you’re in the Washington area and are looking for good, high quality cabinets, at a reasonable price, the best place to get them is IST Cabinets. They offer everything you’re looking for and you’ll be able to get them to take home immediately. Or they could even help with the installation. Either way, you’ll get a great deal without having to spend more than the actual value of what you’re buying.

Stock Cabinets in Washington



When we are moving into our new home or remodeling our existing one, we always want to get the best of everything. The best wall paint or wallpaper, the best furniture, the best carpeting, and the best cabinets. Due to so many factors, including economic and financial ones, we can’t always get them. As the old saying goes, you can’t always get what you want but have to make do with what you have.

So if you’re in the process of decorating your home, more specifically your cabinets, listen up. We have some great tips on how to make the best out of a financially tight situation.

You want good cabinets. We understand. You want them to fit your needs and look beautiful. We understand that too. You can’t afford custom made cabinets. That’s pretty understandable as well. But what do you do? Spend a fortune on getting the custom made ones even though you’ll be repaying a home redecoration loan? Please don’t. The solution to this problem has a name. It’s called Stock Cabinets.

What are Stock Cabinets? Well stock cabinets as their name suggests are cabinets in stock. They are readily available at any dealership. You can go in, pick them out, pick them out and take them home. They are so easy to take that you can even install them yourself.

The advantages to getting stock cabinets are quite obvious. You get the good looks and design without the high cost. Since custom made cabinets are so expensive and require you to work with the dealership people to select the materials, work on the design and wait around for days for them to come and install it, this makes them quite the hassle. For stock cabinets, you go to the store, find the ones you like the most, tell the shop people to pack it up for you and you bring it home where you can install it yourself.

Stock cabinets might not have had that great of a reputation. That’s because they used to be very low quality. But new innovations in materials technology has made it possible for cabinet makers to come up with materials which are cheap and durable. This has made stock cabinets cheap and durable. So you won’t risk quality if you choose to go ahead and get stock cabinets. In addition, they won’t even break that fast since the material will be durable.

The downsides to getting stock cabinets though is to have a space that fits them. They are 36 inches high and only fit a certain space. If you have a space which is shaped differently or you want cabinets that are higher, then you should think about getting different ones.

Other than that, if you’re looking for great stock cabinets in Washington and that area, the best dealership to go to is ISTCabinets. They offer the best prices with the utmost top quality and you won’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

Fabuwood Cabinets in Washington Area



Let’s talk about cabinets! More specifically, let’s talk about getting yourself the cabinets of your dreams. I know what you’re thinking. Cabinets are just there, you don’t really think about them too much and you just get yourself ones that you can use. Well you’re wrong! There are such things as dream cabinets.

Dream cabinets are beautiful. Dream cabinets are durable. And most importantly, dream cabinets fit your needs. So we have that down – looks, durability, and customization. All of these features can be found when you have cabinets with good materials. A bad material will look shabby and you’ll also have to change the cabinets within a year. Not everyone can afford changing their cabinets every year, so we all try to invest in good cabinets.

As for customization, few places can offer you that. Maybe you want it to look a different shape, or maybe it’ll have more space. If you can’t find the design you want anywhere, then you’ll be forced to custom order it. That will cost a lot. Custom ordered cabinets leave quite a dent in your pocket. So frankly, it’s not really worth finding yourself a high scale dealer who will sell you “dream cabinets” at such a hefty price tag.

Enter Fabuwood! Fabuwood has become a household name and mantra. Those who have done their cabinets before know that it’s the best place to get yourself cabinets which look like something out of a movie, which don’t break at the first slam, and that fit all your needs. In addition, they don’t come with a price tag that’ll give you a headache.

Fabuwood started out as a tiny company of 10 people and it has grown to a place which employs around 400 people. They make sure you get your best dream cabinets. They offer hundreds of designs, looks, and materials which will leave you breathless. You’ll be faced with so many choices, you’ll find yourself confused at the fact that you can have so many different cabinets.

So you’ve heard all about Fabuwood and now you’re hooked. You’re convinced you want to do your cabinets from Fabuwood. Then comes the next step. Where to find Fabuwood products? Fabuwood has the solution to that. If you go to their website and look for dealers, you just have to enter some of your information and they’ll contact you. With your location and address, they’ll find the most convenient place for you to go and see their products.

Specifically, if you’re in Washington or in that area, they have one specific dealer which makes the trip worthwhile. ISTCabinets has so many great products and amongst them features the Fabuwood brand. They’ll show you around and help you find the best material and look for your cabinets. In addition, they’ll even help you install it and bring it directly to your home.

So go ahead and decide to do your cabinets already. You won’t regret it if you decide that Fabuwood offers you the best deal and the best quality.