One of the first things you’ll think about when redesigning your new kitchen is what type of material you’ll be using especially kitchen cabinet materials and solid wood types. As the kitchen is the heart of the home, it will largely impact the mood of the rest of the house which is why it’s imperative you get it right. Solid wood has featured in so many kitchens through the centuries and continues to be the material of choice, particularly in high-end and many middle-grade kitchens, and rightly so. Although typically more expensive than materials of lower quality, there is a range of options in choosing wood particularly if you buy kitchen cabinets wholesale. Here are several reasons why solid wood is still the way to go in the kitchen.


There is nothing like walking into a home with a kitchen made of solid wood. Anyone can appreciate the classic, timeless quality of wooden furniture and it adds an elegance that has yet to be surpassed.


Wood, especially high-quality wood, is a durable material that will last years if taken care of properly. It is also easier to repair than other materials meaning your kitchen will last a lot longer.


There is a large variety of wood to choose from for your kitchen, varying in cost, appearance, and durability, especially if you buy kitchen cabinets wholesale. In fact, choosing solid wood for your kitchen gives you more variety than any other material as wood can be stained, to accentuate the grain of the material, or painted any color you choose. It is also easy to reface wood for a new look so you don’t have to pull out your whole kitchen when you feel it’s time for a change.

Lasting Value

Although choosing solid wood for your kitchen may seem pricey, it may well pay off in the long run. A beautiful, classic kitchen made with quality wood ultimately adds value to your home and can be a key selling point if you ever want to put your house on the market.

Environmentally Cleaner

If you’re an environmentally-conscious individual, then you may want to consider that choosing kitchen cabinets wholesale is generally a cleaner option. Fabuwood provides various options. This is, firstly, because the wood will last longer so it’s automatically more sustainable. Apart from this, some cheaper options, such as MDF, can emit dangerous gases like formaldehyde into your home due to the adhesives used in the process of their manufacture.


Overall, there really is no better option than choosing solid wood in the design of your kitchen. It is more durable, more versatile and environmentally cleaner than its cheaper counterparts. If you’re concerned about your budget, then consider buying kitchen cabinets wholesale.  A solid wood kitchen will add a classic aesthetic that no other material can match and will ultimately add value to your home.