A kitchen island has become a prominent feature in many modern kitchens, and it’s easy to see why. If done right, they can become the statement piece, bringing both elegance and functionality to the heart of the home.

As a general rule, you’ll need to have at least 42 to 48 inches of open space around a kitchen island. Kitchens less than 13 feet wide might struggle to squeeze one in. If you’re thinking of adding a kitchen island to your new or existing kitchen, you may want to get some ideas at wholesale kitchen cabinets near me first.

Extra Storage

Kitchen islands can provide you with that one thing you can never have enough of – storage! Just think of what you could do with additional drawers, pull out shelves, additional cabinets, or perhaps even a built-in wine rack. There is a wide range of designs available, so you can mix and match to find one right for you at wholesale kitchen cabinets near me.

Extra Seating

Kitchen islands are a perfect solution to adding an informal dining area to your home. They are also a great place for kids to do their homework, watch their parents cook, or dabble in a little cooking themselves. Plus, if you’re an avid entertainer, you can never have too much seating.

Extra Counter Space

The kitchen is such an integral part of our daily routine, but let’s be honest; unless you’re super organized when whipping up those meals, it’s easy for a mess to accumulate, and fast. The extra counter space provided by an island can go a long way in making life easier in the kitchen.

Additional Amenities

Adding an extra sink or cooking area to an island is another great way to add functionality to your kitchen. This also makes the kitchen more inviting as you won’t have to have your back turned during food preparation. There is a range of amenities and kitchen cabinet accessories you can add to your island, but for more ideas check out wholesale kitchen cabinets near me.



Adds a Divide

In addition to the functionality it provides, kitchen islands can also act as a physical barrier in an open-plan kitchen and living room home, separating the kitchen from the dining or living room. Many people find this appealing as you can separate your relaxing zone from your cooking or work zone, without the isolation that a wall imposes.

Kitchen islands have come a long way in both design and functionality through the years, and many modern homeowners wouldn’t dream of a kitchen without one. They can offer much-needed storage and counter space, extra seating, an additional area to cook with added amenities, and an appealing way to separate the kitchen and living room areas. If you’re considering the inclusion of an island in your kitchen, why not get some inspiration at wholesale kitchen cabinets near me to see what will work in your space.