Basically, there are four types of kitchen cabinets- Base, Wall, Tall and Specialty Units. All these types of kitchen cabinets are either pre-assembled or ready to assemble. In pre-assembled kitchen cabinets, you have to do some work or you need to hire someone to install the kitchen cabinets. You will be given everything but in separate pieces and they will not be pre-holed. If someone doesn’t want to spend extra money by hiring someone from outside to install them, then the person can just browse the internet to watch installation videos or simply read the manual guide. It will take your time but will save your money. assembled kitchen cabinets in Chantilly

On the other hand, assembled kitchen cabinets in Chantilly come in flat boxes and they are all labeled, cut and finished and have pre-drilled holes; that means they are ready to go. You just have to put the cabinets together or attach them to the floor or wall and for this, there is no need of an expert; in fact, a single person can assemble them. Even though everything is sent to you in the boxes but you might need few extra things such as wood glue, rubber mallet or a screwdriver. These things will be required to give the final touch to your kitchen.

There are numerous advantages offered by assembled kitchen cabinets in Chantilly. One can simply choose the quality or type of wood they want and the best thing about them is cost saving. Whether you choose the high-quality wood or design, you will always save your money with RTA cabinets than pre-assembled cabinets. That’s the reason why most of the people prefer RTA cabinets over pre-assembled because they get quality as well as reasonable price in one deal. Another advantage offered by assembled kitchen cabinets is that they are so easy to assemble.

Although they are easy to assemble but in some cases you might feel it difficult to assemble. For example, if you are not having the design layout so you will spend a lot of time figuring out which part will go where. And in case you put the wrong pieces together then you have to arrange everything all over again. Most of the companies have now labeled their boxes so that the customer will not find any difficulty in assembling the cabinets.

There are few things that you need to keep in mind before buying the assembled kitchen cabinets in Chantilly. Whenever you visit a store to buy RTA cabinets, you need to ask for the portfolio of their company, plans provided by them, the time taken by them to redesign, cost-saving ideas, eco-friendly kitchen ideas etc. Do check the quality of the material cabinet. Generally, wood is used for cabinets but you need to ask the type of wood they are using in their cabinets. The common types of cabinet woods are white oak, hickory, red oak, hard maple, cherry, ash, and pine.