Mar 8, 2021

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What to Consider When Buying Pre-Assembled Kitchen Cabinets


If you’re in that exciting, yet turbulent, phase when you’re getting ready to re-do your kitchen, you may still be weighing up whether you should opt for a custom-made, pre-assembled kitchen cabinets or flat pack. Custom-made kitchens are the number one choice for many people, however, they do come at a cost. Flat packs are the cheapest option as you cut out the cost of assembly at the manufacturer’s as well as installation. Pre-assembled kitchen cabinets have a lot of advantages. They are more affordable than custom-made kitchens yet still come in a range of attractive and stylish designs. And while slightly more costly than flat packs, they are much more convenient when renovating your kitchen. This is because ready to install cabinets are built in the manufacturer’s warehouse and are ready for installation upon arrival; all you need is a screw gun and hammer so if you know what you’re doing, you won’t even need to hire professional help. This also means that the kitchens have been assembled by experienced cabinet makers, using the proper tools and techniques, so you can eliminate the risk of costly mistakes trying to put a flat pack kitchen together.

If you do decide on pre-assembled kitchen cabinets for your home, here’s a list of steps that you’ll need to go through so you can design your dream kitchen.

Finalize Your Budget

Before you start choosing cabinets, fittings, appliances or anything for that matter, make sure you know exactly how much you have to spend.

Create a Floor and Wall Plan

Measure the floor dimensions, including any niches, windows, and doors. You should also consider where the water pipes will come up.


Plan the layout of your kitchen. Your options may be limited by the design of your house but they include U-shaped, L-shaped, G-shaped, one wall or galley-style kitchens. You may also want to consider an island.




Whether you’re keeping your existing appliances or buying new ones, it’s best to have these dimensions in mind before choosing your cabinetry.


Think about your storage needs and consider them when deciding on the dimensions of your cabinets.


This is the fun part. Think about what you want your kitchen to look like. Select the finishes of your cabinets, the countertop, and the splashback, considering cohesion and contrast. Finally, select your taps and cabinetry handles.


Lighting and Electrical

Think about where your lighting fixtures and electrical outlets will go. Keep in mind your daily routine and what your needs are.

If you’re looking to renovate your kitchen and want a combination of quality and value then opting for pre-assembled kitchen cabinets is a fantastic option. With assembly performed at the manufacturer’s warehouse by professionals, all you need to worry about is final installation – none of the stressful, time-consuming drudgery involved with flat packs. And with a range of modern designs to choose from, you’ll soon be relishing the kitchen of your dreams.