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Kitchen Cabinets in Northern Virginia


Kitchen Cabinets in Northern Virginia

With a number of shops offering cabinets for the kitchen, it has been really difficult to spot the best one. Fabuwood Cabinets is one of the most popular choices of customers. It provides the best kitchen cabinets in Northern Virginia. It ensures that your kitchen will be modernized and appear fabulous after getting the right cabinets installed. The way your home appears reflects your personality, so ensuring that your kitchen appears aesthetically pleasing and organized is an essential part.

Fabuwood cabinets are handcrafted in wood by professionals. It has a friendly team of customer service which promptly resolves your queries and even helps in finding the perfect cabinet. Purchasing cabinets from here ensure that you will have to pay the only half price as that charged by other cabinet stores of Virginia. The store has a great sense of closeness and workmanship. It offers various styles such as  Galaxy, Wellington, vista, fusion, etc that are available in a number of colors.

Fabuwood, Stock and Ready-To-Go Kitchen and Bath Cabinets

Renovating the kitchen completely is never a budget-friendly idea, so using cabinets to remodel it is the best thing one can do today.

The Hallmark collection in chestnut provides an evenly finished look and makes your kitchen appear elegant. The kitchen appears classy because of the dark brown color and the smooth finish. Colors such as pecan and brandy are also available.

Another is the Classy Wellington collection which is available in cinnamon and ivory shades which imparts a classy appearance. These cabinets have been built with an eye on details and ornaments which makes it a piece of timeless elegance, preferred by everyone. Similarly, the Quest collection available in Frost color makes your kitchen appear modern. The white color is something can go well with any color and you will never regret opting for it.

If you have a low budget, you can go for the Shaker cabinets which has flat panels, 4 pieces constituting the frame and a single piece as the floor. Generally, it is made of hardwood and has brownish fishing but you can get it customized as per your choice. The most simple cabinets are the flat-panel ones but it looks stylish if it the right finish is given to it. They are made of hardwood and is the least expensive.

In case your budget is high, you can opt for Lovered cabinets that has horizontal wooden slats in it. They are more pricey than the Shaker cabinets. If you choose the right finish according to your kitchen then it will look unique and trendy. They are best suited if you need ventilation because the doors have spaces for air. Inset cabinets are the costliest ones which come with a floor within the frame of the cabinet. It imparts a luxurious feeling when installed. It has a very strong built and comes with the best finishes. With such a wide range of options, Fabuwood provides the most reliable kitchen cabinets in Northern Virginia.