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What to consider before buying kitchen cabinets?


Cabinets happen to be the most important element in any kitchen. It is not only used for storing items such as crockery but is also used to store a number of other kitchen utensils and materials. On top of that, good cabinets add a lot of beauty to your kitchen turning it into a very comfortable place to be in. Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets in Chantilly.

So before buying kitchen cabinets, consider the following things:

  1. Stock cabinets vs. custom cabinets

This is perhaps the first and most major thing that one has to consider. When buying Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets in Chantilly, specify your needs first. Make sure whether you need a stock cabinet, a custom cabinet, or something that goes in between the two.

  • Stock: Stock cabinets are those that are pre-made and produced in mass numbers in various colors and sizes. Getting Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets in Chantilly from a stock store would be the quickest way to get one.
  • Semi-custom: Semi-custom cabinets are somewhat the same as stock cabinets with the added advantage of slight customization in sizes or some extra details. These may also be available at any store that sells Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets in Chantilly.
  • Custom: As the name suggests, custom cabinets are built to the specifications of the buyer and they happen to be relatively expensive. Also, since they have to be ordered on demand, it might take a couple of days before they are ready for you to buy.
  1. Amount of storage

The second most important thing that comes after the type of cabinet is the storage amount. Since the prime purpose of cabinets is to store materials in the kitchen such as crockery and utensils, it is always better to have more storage. However, more space means added costs. The bigger your cabinet is, the more costly it would become. So consider the amount of space you need at first. Then, consider your budget and cut down all your costs. Indeed, buying more space than you need will be a waste of money in itself.

  1. Door Style

Kitchen cabinets come in a range of different styles and choices for the doors. This includes modern doors, classic doors, exotic doors, and doors that offer a good combination of multiple traits. For as long as you are buying a custom cabinet, it is possible to get almost any type of door made. However, stock cabinets come with a fixed variety of doors and shapes. There are quite a lot of door options available for Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets in Chantilly. Just make sure to consider all the other specifications such as the storage size while buying a stock cabinet that has an awesome looking door.

  1. Color and finishing

In the end, comes the color and the finishing of the cabinet. Cabinets usually carry a wooden finish as it is commonly preferred. However, high gloss finish and the matte finish is also commonly available in stock cabinets. If you go for a custom cabinet, then you can get almost any sort of finish that you wish on demand. However, make sure to invest in something that would add to the aesthetic look of your kitchen in the long-run.

New cabinet trends for different lifestyles


Choosing the right type of kitchen cabinet to suit your style is always the hardest decision to make. Depending on your lifestyle, you may only want to buy a specific type of kitchen cabinet. There are plenty of styles available in the market so you may want to consider a good fabuwood cabinets dealer in Northen Virginia.

Today, there are endless cabinets available to turn your kitchen into a trendy place to cook that goes in line with your lifestyle. We have compiled a list of the most common of these types below:

  1. Standard Upper Cabinets

Benefits of standard upper cabinets: These cabinets offer a large room for storage along with a very neat look. This happens to be the most common choice among buyers due to which a large variety of finishes, textures, and doorknobs can be found for these cabinets. You can find a range of style in these cabinets via any reputable fabuwood cabinets dealer in Northen Virginia.

Upper cabinets are highly suitable for people who do not have a lot of time on their hands to organize dishes. This is because they do a wonderful job of hiding all the disorganized mess of crockery, dishes, and utensils.

Disadvantages of standard upper cabinets: One of the biggest disadvantages of these cabinets is that they take quite a lot of space. As a result of this, the free space in the kitchen itself looks quite small in comparison. However, you can always choose a different size depending on your requirements. You may be able to find plenty of size options if you reach out to a fabuwood cabinets dealer in Northen Virginia.

  1. Open Shelves

Benefits of open shelves: Open shelves have become quite popular among buyers. They add in a lot of room and breathable space in the kitchen, while still providing a good amount of storage space. In other words, these do not let your kitchen look congested.

Apart from that, they also increase reachability as one can simply pick out any dish or utensil easily.

Disadvantages of open shelves: Because these happen to be open, disorganized utensils will look really bad. Hence, one will always have to place all utensils and dishes well-arrange in open shelves. Hence, they are not suitable for people who do not have enough time to organize their kitchen. Apart from that, they might also make the upper part of your kitchen look a lot busier and reduce the neatness.

So before choosing to go with open shelves, consider getting doors of your existing cabinets removed to get a similar feel. See if it suits your taste before actually investing in an open shelve. Also, you may want to consult a fabuwood cabinets dealer in Northen Virginia in order to figure out if it’s a good decision.

  1. No Upper Cabinet

The benefit of no cabinets: There is another emerging trend among buyers and that is of having no cabinet at all. This creates a lot of room for elbow and reflects minimalism.

Disadvantages of no cabinets: The major disadvantage of having no cabinets is that you lose out on the extra storage. So it is not suitable for someone who has to store a wide range of dishes and utensils.

Different types of wood finishes for kitchen cabinets


Considering the refreshing and natural look that wood offers, there is no wonder why wood finishes on cabinet doors happen to be the most in demand by buyers. Wood offers a natural grain pattern, along with susceptibility to a number of stains. You can find a wide range of wood finishes on Ready-To-Go Kitchen Cabinets in Washington DC.

One big reason why wood cabinets are so common is that they happen to be very versatile and will fit into almost all sorts of surroundings. Moreover, wood cabinets look good in contrast with all sorts of colors. So no matter what the color of your kitchen wall is, you can be sure that a cabinet with a wood finish will fit in well.

Below, we have compiled a list of common finishes and techniques that might help you in choosing Ready-To-Go Kitchen Cabinets in Washington DC:

  1. Natural Finished Cabinets

It is evident from the name itself that naturally finished cabinets do not carry any sort of stains, toners, or paints applied to them. The biggest advantage of naturally finished cabinets is that they reflect the perfect texture of wood with grains and patterns fully visible. On the downside, however, these cabinets can look a little dull since people are more used to looking at dramatically finished cabinets. However, it depends on one’s taste since many people do not prefer to have dramatic effects on their kitchen cabinet doors and will rather go for something that offers a natural and simple look. Another advantage of naturally finished cabinet doors is that they promote minimalism.

  1. Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Painted kitchen cabinet finishes are yet again, a popular choice among buyers. Many Ready-To-Go Kitchen Cabinets in Washington DC carry a painted finish to them. Among all the painted cabinets, the off-white and white finishing is the most popular among buyers. For a painted finish, maple cabinets are used most widely. Apart from that, oak cabinets are also used. However, oak cabinets might show the grainy wood structure through the paint which is something that many people do not prefer.

  1. Custom cabinet finishes

Custom cabinet finishes can be done on demand, based on the user requirements. However, you will not be able to get these over the counter because they are always done on order. One disadvantage of custom finishes is that they tend to be more costly due to the extra labor that is involved. On a positive side, you get to have the effect of your choice on your chosen material. Hence, there is a lot of room for creativity here.

If you do not wish to get a custom finishing, consider checking out Ready-To-Go Kitchen Cabinets in Washington DC in order to find out a kitchen cabinet with the finishing of your choice.

  1. Glaze Finished Cabinets

Glazed finishing is yet another popular finishing type often preferred by buyers. This type of finishing does not hide stains and cracks very well but gives off a neat feel at all times.

Choosing kitchen cabinets for a classy look


Kitchen cabinets happen to be a very important element for your kitchen. Indeed, kitchen cabinets are what lay down the style of your kitchen and its overall vibe. After the exterior, your management skills and how well you organize your kitchen play an important role. However, choosing good quality cabinets can be tough. However, kitchen cabinets are easily replaceable especially if you live in a busy trade region such as Virginia. Indeed, it is quite easy to find Next day cabinets in Virginia.

While kitchen cabinets are certainly replacement, they still happen to be a major kitchen investment that you need to take care of. So consider all the possible options that you have before making a decision. Below, we have discussed a few major types of Next day cabinets in Virginia.

  1. Colored cabinets

Colored kitchen cabinets give kitchens a very contemporary vibe. Moreover, colored kitchen cabinets also add a great deal of personality to your kitchen turning it into a personal space. For a great number of people, cooking in the kitchen is more like a therapy. It allows them to spend some time with themselves. Hence it is very important to achieve that personal feel from the kitchen that one needs. This can be achieved by personalizing the colors. You can get Next day cabinets in Virginia in nearly every color on demand. However, do also keep in mind the aesthetic value of your chosen color.

  1. Textured cabinets

Textured cabinets give off a very classic kitchen vibe. Most common among all textured cabinets is the natural wood textured cabinets. Apart from natural wood texture, grained wood textures are also available for Next day cabinets in Virginia.

  1. High gloss cabinets

One of the biggest benefits of high gloss cabinets is that they happen to be very easy to clean because of their shiny finish. However, stains become automatically noticeable with ease on a surface having a high gloss finish. This is why many people do not prefer them. However, do consider them in case you’ve got the taste for them.

  1. Two-Tone cabinets

In order to add some vibrancy into your kitchen, consider the following two-tone effects for your kitchen:

  • High and low two-tone effect: This effect can be generated by choosing two different colors for the lower and upper cabinets. For instance, consider using a deep and rich shade for cabinets underneath and a lighter (but not too light) shade for the upper cabinets.
  • Actual two-tone effect: Rather than making a combination of colors for your cabinets, consider buying cabinets that have an actual two-tone effect built inside them. However, be careful about buying cabinets that carry a two-tone effect that repeats itself. This is because such patterns might look really very busy.
  1. Rustic cabinets

Consider getting rustic cabinets for a fried effect. It makes a kitchen look quite like a luxury place. Apart from that, rustic cabinets also tend to give off a very warm vibe in the kitchen and an exotic look.