July 2018

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NOVA Cabinets


The fastest selling cabinets are the in stock kitchen cabinets in NOVA which are essentially, pre-fabricated. Pre-fabricated cabinets are becoming increasingly more popular with homeowners and contractors because they are being made with top quality wood and kitchens can be completed in less than half the time it would take if you were to build it yourself. This means that homeowners can enjoy their new kitchen faster and contractors have less work to do.

Repairs are also less costly since in stock kitchen cabinets in NOVA are always replenished by the manufacturer so they are always readily available. These pre-fabricated cabinets undergo quality testing to guarantee its reliability and ensure its quality. If there is an issue or something needs to be repaired or replaced, the supplier would quickly adhere to the clients’ needs with no hassle at all. These cabinets are of the best quality so it is hardly likely that something would go wrong.

The light grey in stock kitchen cabinets in NOVA is the most popular because it can give you both a traditional and a modern look. The color works well with cream colored walls and dark countertops which can give the kitchen an added flair. Its construction is also well-built with recess paneling, giving it a beautiful inner and outer design. Light grey is very appealing when paired properly and you would be amazed at the final look.

These in stock kitchen cabinets in NOVA comes in a variety of sizes and styles to allow you to complete your kitchen, no matter the dimensions. You can get the base and wall cabinets to fit all types of sinks, you can get them complete with drawersand/or shelves, to fit at angles, in diagonal corners, blind corners and even fitted with a lazy-Susan. There are even microwave base or wall cabinets, wall refrigerator cabinets, oven cabinets, wine racks, pull-outs, hoods and roll-out trays.

The most popular sellers are the garbage can pull-outs, the spice rack pull-outs and the appliances bay. There are so many appliances available that they can clutter your countertop very easily. With creating the appliances bay, you can store all your appliances in one location and use them without having to spread them across your countertops. The wine rack also comes complete with a stemware rack so you can store your wine glasses within easy reach.

In addition to the different types of cabinets, there are also a wide range of moldings, valances, corbels, fillers, toe kicks and even bead boards. Your kitchen can look like it costed a fortune without you having to pay for it. There are endless possibilities and choices to choose from, even options that you have not thought of. Once you visit the showroom, you would understand that your ideas are never limited with pre-fabricated in stock kitchen cabinets in NOVA. Instead, you would walk away feeling as though you have struck good fortune and new horizons have been touched. Dreams are made possible with these high-quality products.

Fabuwood in DC


I recently moved into my new home and my very first renovation project was the kitchen. Living in the Washington DC, Metropolitan area, the kitchen cabinet stores near me were not many and hiring a contractor would be risky as I was new to the area. Pre-fabricated kitchen cabinets were my preference because I wanted to install them quickly. I came across the company called In Stock Today Cabinets on Yelp which was the only five-star company offering pre-fabricated cabinetry.

Within the first couple weeks of moving in, I visited all the kitchen cabinet stores near me to research what was available and maybe have some ideas on my renovation project. My previous home had been installed with Fabuwood and it was very durable, requiring no maintenance for over 10 years. I was surprised when I learned that the only distributor of Fabuwood in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area was In Stock Today Cabinets which I had found on Yelp earlier. No wonder they were given a five-star rating.

The Fabuwood brand is the most reliable, well-known and fastest growing brand in the United States because of its Q12 guarantee. Q12 is the 12 unique standards of quality that Fabuwood products undergo through vigorous testing, before it is sold to the public. The kitchen cabinet stores near me really need to up their game in the cabinetry arena because while homeowners mostly look for affordability, with Fabuwood, you are guaranteed to have the best of both quality and price.

Narrowing down my search for kitchen cabinet stores near me, I went to visit In Stock Today Cabinets. Another surprise was the wide variety they offered. They had all the styles of the Allure brand, the Nexus, Galaxy, Fusion, Vista and Onyx. My favorite is the Cobblestone in Onyx which is a dark wood color, but they did not have any in-stock at the moment. Thankfully though, I was informed that it would be arriving along with the Horizon, which is more of a grey color, in the next two months. This was perfect timing because I still needed to figure out the layout of my new kitchen.

Fabuwood has styles and patterns to suit everyone’s taste, from traditional to modern, in all shades of dark and light colors. For me, the dark colors work well because I prefer lighter colored countertops. I also love the innovative accessories that come pre-assembled and are customized with the style or pattern that you choose. Pre-fabricated cabinetry can save you a very large quantity of time and money so whenever you can, search for top quality because you would be given a warranty.

The representatives at In Stock Today Cabinets were able to design what I envisioned and in a matter of a few hours, I knew exactly what the layout would look like. All I needed to do was to verify my measurements and place my order. They even suggested a few reputable contractors who would put up the cabinetry if I did not want to do it myself.

Pre-Fabricated and Innovative Kitchen Cabinets


Remodeling your kitchen can be a headache because you need to determine the layout, the types of cabinets you want, the style and then hire a good contractor to make your dream kitchen into a reality. Fabuwood Kitchen Cabinets in DC can make your life easier. They are pre-fabricated kitchen cabinets that would drastically reduce your installment time and have you cooking in your new kitchen faster than you can imagine.

The pre-fabricated Fabuwood Kitchen Cabinets in DC are available at In Stock Today Cabinets, in six (6) luxury brands, Quest, Allure, Classic, Value, Prima and Geneva, all in different styles, colors and patterns. Don’t worry, you need not be overwhelmed with the many options they offer because the skilled representatives would know how to narrow down the options based on what you are looking for. You would even be astounded by the many different types of accessories they have, to offer.

Your kitchen cabinets are no longer considered plain cupboards and shelves. Amongst the accessories offered from the Fabuwood Kitchen Cabinets in DC collection, you can customize your kitchen storage to your preferences. For instance, you may be a collector of wine and need somewhere to store your wine bottles. You can easily have a wine bottle rack built into your cabinetry complete with a stemware rack directly under it, keeping both your wine bottles and wine glasses in the same area.

Innovativeness in your kitchen is guaranteed with the wide variety of pre-fabricated Fabuwood Kitchen Cabinets in DC. They have 3”-6” pull-out racks that help save on storage space. These can be used to store your spice bottles, or as a hiding place for your secret stash of goodies. No one would notice that these pull-outs store anything because they look as though they are part of the external structure, not like a regular drawer or shelf. There are also 9” pull-outs that can hold larger items and are ideal for baking trays, large utensils and even canned foods.

Another great innovative feature is the tilt-out by the sink to secure your scrubbing pads and sponges. This feature is usually built to the front of the sink which can open by tilting outward, revealing the storage area for your cleaning brushes, but it can also be installed anywhere you like. Fabuwood Kitchen Cabinets in DC stocks, also carry customized utensil drawers for you. You won’t need to purchase those plastic or mesh-wired utensil holders to place in your drawer anymore. They carry the 2-tier and the 2-tier combo drawers to hold all your cutlery, from forks and spoons to your large assortment of knives. You can even store your foil, sandwich bags and plastic wraps, to name a few.

All these great accessories are pre-fabricated or pre-assembled so you do not have to wait for the manufacturer to build and supply it after you place your order. The Fabuwood Kitchen Cabinets in DC offered at In Stock Today Cabinets would let you walk in with your expectations but would have you walk-out with a lot more than you expected. Visit their website at https://istcabinets.com for ideas on creating your perfect kitchen and then visit their showroom to speak with the professionals who are always ready and willing to assist you.

Contractors Choice


As a contractor, the only place I can depend on for quality cabinets to go near me is at In Stock Today Cabinets. This company is the only supplier that carries a very large range of Fabuwood cabinets in Washington DC. They also offer a warranty with every product they supply and are very reliable in terms of delivery, only 5 to 7 days. The cabinetry is already pre-fabricated so all that is left for me to do is install it at my clients’ place.

There are very few companies that offer cabinets to go near me because most home-owners simply depend on contractors to search for the cabinetry to meet their needs. As a contractor, I would always let my clients know that I only deal with Fabuwood products because of the Q12, that is, the 12 unique quality standards of testing that is done on each product before it can be distributed or sold. Whether my clients prefer the traditional kitchen styled cabinets or a more modern look, I can create it with Fabuwood brands. They never disappoint.

For clients who are out of state, I refer them to the Fabuwood website for assurance of the quality of cabinetry they would receive but I purchase the cabinets to go near me, in the Metropolitan area,so that I can access the company directly if there were problems or issues that needed to be solved quickly. If In Stock Today Cabinets does not have in-stock, the cabinet style that my client needs, they would order it from Fabuwood directly.

Never compromise your kitchen or bathroom with low quality products. Cabinetry should be able to last you 10s of years with little or no maintenance. The best feature with Fabuwood brands is that I can offer my client innovative features and I do not have to build it myself. I visited one client who wanted a more modern face basin but did not want the cupboard look and she was worried she would have nowhere to store his cleaning sponge. Thankfully, I was able to suggest a Tilt-Out Tray to the front of her face basin where she can store this and include a single drawer to the bottom of the stand that would hold his face basin. I took my design to In Stock Today Cabinets and they had it customized for me in no time.

Working for years as a contractor, In Stock Today Cabinets will always be my number one choice for cabinets to go near me. There are so many designs that you can customize for your clients and the supply is always replenished so you would never have to wait unless it is something that is new and would have to be altered by the manufacturer. All the cabinets are built with quality wood and there are no flaws or kinks which are common when you build it from scratch yourself. Pre-fabricated cabinets are easier and more suited for a faster and more dependable quality of service.