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DC In Stock Cabinets


As many homeowners decide to liven up their kitchen by remodeling it, you might also want to do the same. Never underestimate the idea of getting cabinets. They can convert the look of your kitchen in a big way. That’s where DC In Stock Cabinets can help.

Nowadays, you might get dizzy just by looking through a lot of cabinet prices, finishes, and options. Cabinets come in an array of models, colors, and wood varieties. We can help you choose the perfect fit for your kitchen.

Here are some tips that can help you choose the right cabinet. The advice came from one of the people who work with us for more than 25 years. You should look for certified cabinets that can handle exposure to winds, fruit juices, vinegar, lemon or coffee. The color should be retained and there should be no signs of blistering even after a year.

Choose cabinets that are user-friendly. It means that you should be able to roll out shelves with ease and without scraping your knees or hands in the process. It should also hold pans, dry goods, kitchen utensils, and silverware in a neat way.

Remember that the kitchen looks will depend on the kind of wood that you will be using in your cabinets. Maples and oaks will make your kitchen look brighter. Birch wood will create a more classy effect. DC In Stock Cabinets has a range of semi-custom and ready-made cabinets that are waiting for you. You can choose the perfect color for your kitchen. Make sure first that you have an idea of the overall look when the renovation is finished. Our flexible cabinets can accommodate whatever lifestyles you have inside your home.

DC In Stock Cabinets has the consistency of grain, color, and pattern throughout its panels and doors. Our clear-coat finish will prevent moisture from penetrating the wood. The satin feel of the wood will leave you and your guests feeling classy. Our cabinets have the aesthetic appeal that can only come from Fabuwood.

Choose from a range of cabinets available. We have the Classic, Allure, Prima, Value, and Geneva collection that will certainly make your kitchen look great. We can deliver the very next day after you have ordered. Visit the website at today and tell us what you need. We have a warranty and great customers service that will back you up in case of additional needs in the future.

We are a company that is committed to providing our customers top-quality cabinets with the lowest price in the market that you can’t find anywhere. We have a great clientele that has experienced our services, know our name, and also know our reputation. We value any feedback that you might have for us. We are always available. You can reach us by email, by phone or by our website. We are also committed to bringing you the latest trend in cabinetry. We listen to suggestions and we have incoming products available soon that you will surely love.

Wholesale Cabinets Fairfax


Make your kitchen last. As most things in life including marriages do not last nowadays, make your kitchen an exception. In Stock Today Cabinets can offer you a wide range of affordable choices with regards to kitchen cabinets. Cabinets can help you store kitchen wares and protect them from dust, pests, and more. If you come to think about it, your marriage will certainly last if you spend a lot of time cooking homemade dishes in your kitchen.

How to Make your Kitchen Last

Make sure to choose wisely the furniture and the appliances that you put into your kitchen. They should be repair-prone. Appliances should include dishwashers, cooktops, wall ovens, refrigerators, and ranges. Wholesale Cabinets Fairfax can certainly help you set them in order. With the installation of our beautiful cabinets, you don’t only set them up in their proper places; our cabinets will also ensure the cleanliness and tidiness of your kitchen.

Get High-Quality Cabinetry

Cabinetry is one of the most important features of your kitchen. Don’t skimp on it. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to be able to get quality cabinets. Wholesale Cabinets Fairfax from Fabuwood has hallmarks of durability. We build cabinets using high-tech methods and our frames and doors are made of birch plywood. You can be assured of its quality and solid wood frames.

Invest in Good Finishes

A durable finish will save you a lot of money in the long run. It can prevent rust from building and can withstand the wear and tear from the environment. A solid finish will also prevent the wood from rotting especially if it is frequently exposed to water, heat, or other factors. Wholesale Cabinets Fairfax has a high standard when making cabinets. When making cabinets, the wood is inspected thoroughly by a team of professionals. These professionals are in the cabinetry industry for more than five years. We provide you the most cost-effective way of getting cabinets.

What we Offer

We have ready-to-go kitchen and bath cabinets that you can check anytime. We have the In Stock Brandy Finish with a Traditional Overlay, and we have the same inventory as the big box stores with almost half the price. Our wholesale prices are perfect for those who need cabinets for several rooms or for those who are running apartments for rent. If you are a homeowner who just needs a single set of a cabinet, then we can also provide you with options from our classic, allure, and prima collections.

We understand your need of getting a kitchen that is clean, operational and with a good atmosphere. That’s what we are here for. We have specialists that can direct you to the right wooden cabinets that can make your kitchen look classy and elegant. You can be the envy of both family and friends. Visit our website now at We can provide you with samples of cabinet designs and colors that you can choose from. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Fabuwood Kitchen Cabinets DC


Are you wondering why do you need to spruce up your kitchen? Are you asking why you should even bother? Then Fabuwood Kitchen Cabinets DC has the answer for you.

The most important reason is: the kitchen is where the food is located. Your kitchen is a place where you prepare butter chicken and yummy chocolate cakes. It should be clean and neat-looking. In Stock Today Cabinets have partnered with Fabuwood to make your kitchen functional and attractive. With over five collections that you can choose from, our cabinets can store your knives, spatulas and other cooking companions easily. The cabinets will not only prevent clutter and avoid unnecessary accidents; they will also look great because of our ivory, brandy, pecan, and chestnut colors available.

Another reason is this is the place where your family and friends can bond. The kitchen is not only a place where you prepare meals. Sometimes, getting a cup of coffee early in the morning, you might prefer to just drink it inside your kitchen rather than going into the dining room. It is also a place where you can cook breakfast while keeping an eye on your son at the same time. With regards to this, it is important that you should have a cabinet that looks cozy and comfortable. You should get a good ambiance while drinking coffee. Our Fabuwood Kitchen Cabinets DC has naturally finished exteriors that are totally made of birch plywood. The homey design will make your bond stronger since your family will prefer your kitchen because of beautifully carved cabinets.

If your kitchen is neat and tidy, friends can just waltz in and grab a bottle of wine while telling you the latest news. You don’t have to worry about the look of your kitchen if you have Fabuwood Kitchen Cabinets DC. You might even get a compliment or two. Our cabinets have spaces that will enable you to avoid clutter and free more space.

Another reason why you need to make your kitchen comfortable and good-looking is it is where you spend time cooking. Your culinary skills can’t be perfected overnight. What is more effective in honing it than by spending a lot of time concocting recipes inside your kitchen? It takes patience and skills to be able to satisfy the people that you are feeding. With Fabuwood Kitchen Cabinets DC, you will be able to sort out your cutleries, and cooking pots. You can clear your head by arranging the kitchen clutter in our sturdy and hand-crafted cabinets. You just have to focus on cooking and we will take care of the storage for you.

What are you waiting for?

Contact us today and get a list of cabinets that are available for next day or even same day deliveries. We can provide you a free quote and a wide range of options.  We listen to our valued clients’ concerns and provide them with the right products that will fit their needs and their budget. Visit our website at now.

Fabuwood Cabinets Northern Virginia


Imagine this scenario: you are in a party and saw that your host has the most elegant and convenient kitchen in the neighborhood. You went back home and wonder how you can make your kitchen look even better. If that is the case, Fabuwood Cabinets in Northern Virginia has the answer to your cabinet needs.

Everyone knows that a full renovation can blow up your budget. However, it should not be the case. You are just looking to make your kitchen beautiful without the headaches and stress that a kitchen remodeling can bring. Fabuwood Cabinets in Northern Virginia is your answer. Our cabinets are manufactured by the big giant company, Fabuwood cabinets and we have a range of colors, sizes, and products that you can choose from. Our company, In Stock Cabinets, lives up to its name. You can pick your preferred cabinets on the go. Rest assured that they are still freshly manufactured from Fabuwood as the case with every one of our cabinets.

Kitchen Ideas for You

Do you want a convenient kitchen centerpiece where you can grab meals or snacks? Then build a kitchen island. It can be an asset inside your kitchen. It’s not only going to make your kitchen look great, but it is also a convenient way for storing utensils or silverware. You can build a cabinetry under the island. Get our Hallmark collection in chestnut. The colors and paints in the wood are evenly finished and look elegant. The dark brown color and the smooth finish will make your kitchen look classy without you needing to do anything. We also have Pecan and brandy colors available. We want you to feel comfortable in your own kitchen. Feel the peace of sipping a cup of tea in the morning while looking at cabinets which are beautifully made and hand-crafted.

Do you want to get the classic look for your kitchen? Then try our Classic Wellington collection which comes in cinnamon and ivory. The designs are made elaborately, highlighting the familiarity of classic cabinets.  We make cabinets with more details and ornaments. The effect is a timeless elegance that you can even hand down to your children. The classic look is a style which everyone prefers. If you are planning to sell your house in the future, the classic look in the kitchen will increase the property’s value. That is because the new homeowners can decide if they want to do a makeover in the kitchen. If they do, classic kitchen designs require minimum amounts of work.

Do you want a modern- style kitchen? Then Fabuwood Cabinets in Northern Virginia has the perfect product for you. Our Quest collection in Frost color will make your kitchen look modern. You will never go wrong in white. White is the ultimate neutral in terms of colors. As a result, you can pair it with every color and it will look great.

Are you still unsure?

Contact us today. Tell us what exactly what you need and we will find the perfect product for you.