March 2018

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IST Cabinets: Official fabuwood cabinets dealer


Looking for great looking cabinets? At IST Cabinets we are an official Fabuwood cabinets dealer, so we can always have great looking cabinets available for your needs. Our representatives are waiting to speak to you know about all our cabinet services. Here’s how IST cabinets can help you.

Our Services

At IST Cabinets we have an experienced team to work with you. We produce top quality cabinets and we are an official Fabuwood cabinets dealer, so we can get amazing cabinets to meet all of your needs for the kitchen or the bathroom. Our professionals can help you so call them now to find out more about the services we offer you.

Our Cabinet Types

We have many different cabinet types to choose from such as classic or value style cabinets. We also offer other cabinets including Fabuwood as we are an official Fabuwood cabinets dealer near you. Once the installation of your cabinets is done, you’re going to love how they look in your home. In addition to cabinets we can add many different accessories, so your cabinets look even better.

Cabinet Accessories We Offer

  • Drawers for Cutlery – These drawers are specially designed to hold all of your cutlery and can even be taken out and installed again with ease.
  • Small Pull-Outs – We also offer small 3-inch pull-outs. These small pull-outs are perfect for your spice jars and other small items that don’t need a lot of space but can be cumbersome to manage of you have a lot of them. The pull-outs keep your spices nice and tidy.
  • Inserts for Drawers – These inserts are slotted so they hold knives and other cutting tools. These drawers make it easy to store your knives without the need for a knife block.
  • Larger Pull-Outs – We have large 9-inch pull-outs which will store larger items like canisters, serving trays, and much more. These inserts store these items, so they stay within reach, but are nice and tidy in your kitchen.
  • The Tilt Out – This small tilt out allows you to store sponges, cloths, and other smaller cleaning items near the sink, so they are within easy reach.
  • Stemware Rack – If you have a lot of glassware like wine glasses, our stemware rack will get these items out of the way, so they are within easy reach in the kitchen.
  • Appliance Storage Area – The appliance garage is a small area where you can store smaller appliances that you use often but take up counter space. This area make sit easy to store a small appliance and reach it when you need it.

Let Us help You with Your Cabinets

At IST Cabinets, we are an official Fabuwood cabinets dealer and can provide excellent cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom. We can help you meet all your cabinet needs and have many accessories, so you have functional cabinets that go beyond the standard cabinets you get from other dealers. We are here to work with you ow so call us about all your cabinet needs. Our professionals are here to serve you.

IST Cabinets: The best shop for Kitchen and bathroom cabinets


Looking for kitchen or bathroom cabinets that look great? At IST cabinets we provide next day cabinets in Virginia to meet all your cabinet needs. We can help you with your remodeling projects. Here’s a bit more about how IST Cabinets can help.

IST Cabinets is led by a highly experienced team. We produce top quality cabinets and our cabinets are made to high standards as well as quality. We can meet your budget as our cabinets are priced at a competitive price in this market. Our professionals are waiting to work with you. We also partner with Fabuwood and can get quality cabinets to you in as little as 5-7 days. Please call us now to find out more about our services.

Cabinet Types

We offer various cabinet types at IST cabinets and we provide next day cabinets in Virginia if you need cabinets quickly. We feature classic as well as value cabinets and other types to meet any project or need that you have. Once your cabinets are installed they are going to look great so call us to determine exactly hat you need from us. We also can install many nice accessories for your cabinets such as the following:

Our Cabinet Accessories

We have many different accessories for your cabinets which add a lot of functionality to them such as:

  • Cutlery Drawers – These cutlery drawers help you store the kitchen items you use the most. These are easy to install and remove and you won’t have to buy other accessory items it you use these handy drawers for your cabinets.
  • 3-Inch Pull-Outs – These pull-outs will store small items like spice jars or other smaller containers. They will be within an easy reach, so you can keep working without a lot of mess. This is a very handy drawer to have in your kitchen.
  • Drawer Inserts = The drawer insert can hold knives and other larger cutlery items in place with slots. This is a great insert for your drawers if you use a lot of cutting tools in the kitchen. These are also very easy to remove when you don’t need them.
  • 9-Inch Pullouts – These pullouts are larger and can hold your bigger cans or other items. There are racks, so you can store baking sheets and other cumbersome items with ease. All your items will be within an easy reach with these bigger pull-outs.
  • Tilt Out – The tilt out is perfect for near the sink as it provides easy access to items like a sponge or cloths for cleaning up the kitchen once you have finished cooking. This is a very handy small drawer.
  • Stemware Rack – This is a handy rack that you can use to store all of your glassware items such as wine glasses or other glassware you have. It’s very stylish and looks amazing in your kitchen.
  • The Appliance Garage – This small storage area is open but allows you to fit small appliances like a toaster within easy reach, but out of the way of the main cooking area. You can take these items out when needed and then put them back into storage when you’re done with them.

We Can Help with Your Cabinet Needs

At IST cabinets we provide next day cabinets in Virginia. We have a professional team that is ready to work with you now so call us to discuss all your cabinet needs.

Quality Kitchen Cabinets at IST Cabinets


Do you need quality kitchen cabinets? At IST cabinets, we provide same day cabinets in Virginia to meet your needs. Here’s how we can help you with your remodelling project.

At IST Cabinets

At IST cabinets we provide same day cabinets in Virginia. Our cabinets are made with quality and we have completive and low prices to meet your budget. We can help you with a bathroom or kitchen project and have many different cabinet types. We have professionals waiting to work with you now. We are partnered with Fabuwood and your cabinets will be ready in as little as 5-7 days, so your project can be finished. Call us to arrange for your cabinets today.

Cabinet Types

We offer different cabinet styles to meet your needs such as value cabinets or classic cabinets. We aloes offer other styles that you can choose from. We can help you find jut the right fit for your home project, so your cabinets look great once installed. Our cabinets are also functional and go beyond just the standard use. Here’s a little bit more about the various accessories we can add to your cabinets, so they work in the way you want them to.

Cabinet Accessories

We provide same day cabinets in Virginia, but we also have a lot of various accessories for your cabinets which we have outlined below:

  • Draws for cutlery – We offer cutlery drawers for all of your kitchen items. You won’t have to purchase other accessories as all your cutlery items will be neatly arranged in our customer drawers that we can provide for you.
  • 3-Inch Pull-Outs – These pull-outs are small but are perfect for smaller items like spices or other small jars. They are within easy reach, so you can continue cooking. These can help you organize your kitchen just the way you want it.
  • Drawer Inserts – These inserts are perfect for storing knives as they have slots. They can be trimmed to fit the drawer and remove with ease if you’re not using them.
  • 9-Inch Pull-Outs – These pullouts are larger than the smaller ones, so they will hold larger jars and other items. You can store racks on them as well as trays and they will we out of your way, but within easy reach for the next use.
  • Tilt Out – This small drawer can be installed by the sink and is perfect for storing cleaning cloths and pads, so you can keep your kitchen clean with ease.
  • Rack for Stemware – This rack is a great option for wine glasses as well as other glassware items you have, and it looks great.
  • Appliance Garage – This is a small are that’s cut-out where you can store small appliance items such as a coffee pot or your toaster. The items will be within easy reach, so you can use them when needed, yet have them off the main counter area.

IST Cabinets Can help

IST Cabinets can help you with all your cabinet needs. We provide same day cabinets in Virginia. We have highly trained staff that are here to work with you now. If you need cabinets, we are your number one choice and will work with you to help you find just the right cabinets.

Ready To Go Kitchen Cabinets


Do you need ready to go kitchen cabinets in Washington DC? If you need great looking kitchen cabinets, IST Cabinets is here to serve your needs. Here’s a little about how we can help your remodelling efforts.

IST Cabinets offers ready to go kitchen cabinets in Washington DC. We offer exceptional quality cabinets and have low, competitive prices. We have both bathroom and kitchen cabinets to help you with your remodelling work. We offer professional customer service and are here to meet your needs. We partner with Fabuwood to ensure your cabinets are ready to go when you need them the most. Once you order we can have cabinets for you in as little as 5-7 days.

Cabinet Types

We offer many different cabinet types and can work with you to ensure that you get just the right cabinets for your project.  We offer classic cabinets, value cabinets as well as other styles. We will help you fit them into your home, so they look great and are functional. Measurements can be taken to ensure the cabinets fit in just the right way. Call us to find out about the cabinets we are currently offering.


We offer more than just plain cabinets, we have plenty of accessories to meet your needs such as:

  • Cutlery Drawers – We offer wood drawers which have spots for cutlery, so you don’t nee dot buy any other accessories. The trays are removeable and easy to install and look great.
  • 3 Inch Pull-Outs – Our 3-inch pull outs make getting to your items easy. You can use them to arrange food storage boxes and more. These pullouts help with kitchen organization. These are perfect for small items like jars and spices, so you can reach them with ease.
  • Drawer Inserts – We have drawer inserts so you can store things such as knives in a neat and stylish way. These inserts can be trimmed to fit in the drawer to meet your needs.
  • 9 Inch Pull Outs – The p-inch pull out is a lot larger, so you can store bigger and heavier items like larger cans or cooking pots. Baking sheets and larger platters for food can also be stored neatly using the 9-inch pullout.
  • Tilt Out – This is perfect for storing pads for cleaning or for holding cleaning cloths, so they are within easy reach of the sink.
  • Stemware Rack – We can install a stemware rack, so all your glasses are held neatly in place. This is perfect for wine glasses as well as other glasses you may have.
  • Appliance Garage – This is a small cut-out area which is perfect for the coffee pot or mixer, so they are stored out of the way, but in easy reach when you need them.

Let IST Cabinets Help

We have a lot to offer you in terms of kitchen cabinets. When you need ready to go kitchen cabinets in Washington DC, call IST Cabinets as we are here to serve you now and look forward to working with you.